Tony T’s Trivia: ‘Vault’ Available on Demand Tomorrow

Vault on Demand

Tony ‘T’ is connected.

Not only in America, but worldwide. What ‘T’ don’t know, ain’t worth knowing.

You’ll know, because he’ll want you to know.

Set in 1975, ‘Vault’ is, allegedly, based on a true story of how a gang of small-time hoodlums attempt to rob the Mafia of $30 million and will be available to watch on demand from tomorrow (06/14/2019).

One would hope, that with a cast that includes the familiar faces of Theo Rossi, Don Johnson, Vincent Pistore and the one and only Chazz Palminteri, Rhode Island director Tom De Nucci’s ‘Vault’ can deliver what this ensemble promises in this low-budget film released by Lionsgate.

Watch the trailer here:

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David Breakspear

I have spent, over the years, a total of 15 years in prison. Since being released in June 2017 I have been using my lived experiences to help those youngsters in danger of going down the same road I did many years ago. I also write about my experiences on my personal blog Journey of a reformed man on Wordpress. In addition I am Alumni for the Prisoners Education Trust as well as part of the Alumni network group. As well as being a part of the Prison Reform Trust network group.
David Breakspear

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