5 Industries That Are Allegedly Under Mafia Control

Extortion, shake-downs and bribery, all Mafia methods when it comes to increasing cash flow and getting strong holds within organizations. The Mafia have always invested an interest in legitimate businesses, whether that is a new business setup by a mobster to act as a front for laundering money from rackets and scams, or whether they have managed to infiltrate unions or enterprises and get in on the action. Don’t be fooled in thinking that the…

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The Number One New York Crime Family – Revealed

A week ago we asked you if you had to chose one New York Crime Family to join, which one would it be? The results are in… Genovese Crime Family – 55% Gambino Crime Family – 26% Bonanno Crime Family – 11% Lucchese Crime Family – 5% Colombo Crime Family – 3%

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Are you an author, journalist, former mobster, former law official, or mob historian? Perhaps you want to plug a new book or product, or increase awareness for yourself? Uncle Frank’s Place is a talk radio show dedicated to discussing the history of organized crime in America, and we are always looking for guests on the show! If you are interested just leave us your name, email address and optionally a number to give you a…

Gotti Film Set to be Released on June 15 After 6-Month Delay

Gotti, as if you didn’t already know is about the life of New York City mobster John Gotti and his son. John Travolta portrays the Dapper Don, John Gotti, the flamboyant head of the Gambino crime family who spent the last decade of his life in prison before dying of throat cancer in 2002. Kelly Preston, Travolta’s wife will be starring as his on-screen wife Victoria Gotti. Stacy Keach will be playing the feared underboss…