Actions regarding mobs are always attractive to those who fight against them (police enforcement, judges, jury, etc) and regular people. But something that often misses out as an intriguing thing is whether mob members have their lawyers. Well, of course they do! The fact is that criminals need to utilize an attorney resume writing service to cover their actions. But who are they, what are their obligations, and their role in the life of people that are situated on a darker part of the law? Let’s find out in the examples below.

Alan Morton Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz is indeed an American attorney and political commentator. He has been practicing medicine for the last 50 years and is well-known for his involvement in several high matters. When it comes to his work as a criminal lawyer, Alan has obtained 15 out of the many negligent homicides and manslaughter cases he has handled. Jim Bakker and Mike Tyson are among the superstars the lawyer has defended. Claus von Bulow’s conviction was overturned in 1984 when he was hired as an appeal consultant for OJ Simpson’s defense team. Harvard Law School Professor Alan is also a consultant and appellate attorney. In 1967, he became the fastest full senior lecturer in the history of the university. Alan has been a Harvard scholar since 1993, when he was appointed to the Felix Frankfurter teaching position. His essays have appeared in publications including the Washington Post and Yale Law Journal, among many others. Other works include The Case for Peace (2005); Rights From Wrongs: A Secular Theory of the Origin of Rights (2004), which are his published books. He has made many others, but these are some of his best achievements.

David Breitbart

After practicing law for more than four decades, Breitbart has been through it all. The Bonanno criminal family chief Joseph Massino (until he chose to get to be a prosecution testimony) and drug kingpin Nicky Barnes were among those he represented. Among the underworld, his service for Barnes case in particular, acquired him a stellar reputation. Even better, the New York mafia boss was given the honorific position of “honorary nigga” after a particularly impressive performance on the court where he professionally represented his clients.

Gerald Shargel

In the eyes of numerous of the nation’s most powerful criminals, Gerald Shargel is the greatest defense attorney in the USA. According to the New Yorker, he was “the best of his period.”

Salvatore Gravano converted state’s evidence in 1990, and Shargel was set to represent him in his conspiracy prosecution beside defense attorney John Gotti. However, the plan altered, and Shargel embraced team Gotti to battle Gravano head-on. Irv and Chris Gotti – whose actual names are Irv and Jimmy Rosemond – and mafia supervisor mogul Jimmy “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has also been the subject of Shargel’s recent legal work on behalf of Murder Inc., the music company owned by Irv and Chris Gotti. Rosemond was sentenced to life on conspiracy charges, but he was able to secure acquittals for the false Gotti cousins.

Frank Ragano

Everyone interested in mob lawyers is possibly already heard about this supporter of the law. If someone needed an attorney tips, this expert would be frequently hired. Former Florida “mob lawyer” Frank Ragano represented criminal organizations personalities, including Santo Trafficante, Jr. and Carlos Marcello, and also represented Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa in legal matters. When Santo Trafficante Jr. passed in 1987, Ragano claimed that the mafia leader had admitted to him how he and Carlos Marcello allegedly orchestrated the killing of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, in his 1994 memoirs Mob Lawyer, which documented his career representing members of criminal gangs. Others have questioned the validity of these Kennedy killing conspiracy claims.

James LaRossa

During the governmental trials of mafia leaders and pale offenders in the 1970s and later on, legendary trial attorney James LaRossa, who passed away in 2014, liked to call himself “the last standing gladiator”. One may argue that LaRosa was the most successful person of that particular group, though not the most well-covered. In New York elections, he rose to prominence thanks to his support of mafia leaders like Paul Castellano and Vincent Gigante, union leaders like Anthony Scotto, and corrupt officials and businesses.

A book by his son, James LaRossa Jr., entitled Last of the Gladiators: A Memoir of Love, Redemption, and the Mob, takes a more complex perspective on his father’s life. His son says that his father’s fervor stems in part from his resentment of the anti-Italian-American sentiment prevalent in the mid-20th century. During a conversation with TCR’s Julia Pagnamenta, LaRossa, Jr. recounts how his father’s case was the initial demonstration of the RICO legislation and discusses why he and Rudy Giuliani had a tumultuous relationship with the Manhattan District Attorney.


Regardless of whom they represent, these attorneys’ duty was always to protect righteousness and justice according to their national law. After all, it’s not up to us to judge their actions, right? Nevertheless, it’s not an invention of hot water that these individuals have left a remarkable trace during their careers and through their achievements that many generations will surely hear about.