Real life can be more bizarre, amusing, or terrifying than a movie. Some famous people like Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Jimi Hendrix, have all had petrifying run-ins with nasty gangland killers.

The Mob and Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

In the year 2001, the FBI were examining the Gambino crime family when they heeded the gangsters making fun of their extortion victim, Steven Seagal, who didn’t live up to his tough guy personality.

The FBI got in touch with Seagal to confirm, he was compelled to tell the FBI and a courtroom about what had happened after the FBI intimidated him with jail if he didn’t.

The prior year, Seagal had proclaimed that he planned to discontinue making violent movies. The only dilemma was that he’d been working for the mob by means of his partner Julius Nasso. The mob needed Seagal to continue making action movies, and pay them $150,000 for every such film.

Fats Waller Performed Al Capone’s Birthday At Gunpoint

Fats Waller

Fats Waller might not be so popular today, but earlier used to perform in packed dance halls and clubs.

Once, when Fats was performing at Chicago’s Sherman Hall somebody pushed a pistol in his back and forced him into a car. From here, he was taken to another location, a piano was put in front of him, and he was asked to play. He had no other choice than to obey the orders.

It was Al Capone’s 27th birthday, and he watched Waller from across the room.

The birthday party lasted for three days, and, Capone kept Waller well plied with whiskey and bills were stuffed in his pockets occasionally. After sometime Waller loosened up and started enjoying himself.

The Hells Angels Plotted To kill The Rolling Stones

Hells Angels

In the year 1969, the Rolling Stones played had a show in which they hired the Hells Angels as security. While the concert was on, 18-year-old Meredith Hunter advanced towards the stage with a gun, and a brawl took place between him and the Angels, which resulted in Hunter’s death. The band members criticized the Angels’ conduct and refused to hire them ever again. The Angels were so mad with this, that they made a plan to execute the whole band.

But, their plan to murder Mick Jagger failed, and the Angels never tried to kill them again.

Edward James Olmos ran into trouble with The Mexican Mafia

Edward James Olmos ran into trouble with The Mexican Mafia

In the year 1992, Edward James Olmos made a movie named, “American Me”, which was based on the life of the boss of the Mexican Mafia, Cheyenne Cadena. The film was not a success, but the Mexican Mafia didn’t like it.

They were against a scene in which Olmos’s character was raped in prison. Some other scenes put forward that Cadena was impotent and was murdered by his own gang members, which also was not true.

It was later revealed that the Mexican Mafia had made plans to kill, but, he was never killed, most probably as he gave them money to protect his life.

Jimi Hendrix was Held Hostage by the Mafia

Jimi Hendrix was Held Hostage by the Mafia

When Jimi Hendrix walked into a nightclub to get some drugs, a couple of mob guys identified him and apprehended that they could perhaps make some easy money. So they presented free drugs to Jimi, to persuade him to come with them, and he was kept at a mysterious place for two days.

He was kept so high that he almost certainly didn’t even know what was happening. He was released after a few phone calls from Roberts.

Jackie Chan Carried Guns to Fight The Triads

Jackie Chan

In the early ’90s, the Hong Kong film scene was dominated by the Chinese Triads, who were breaking into every facet of movie making. The cinema scene valeted Triad money.

Jackie Chan with some others stood up against the gangs. Because of which, the precarious gangsters dogged Chan for a huge part of his career. Chan states that, nuisance with Triad extortion was one of the main reasons he first left China.

After he returned, he kept guns with him, as he was attacked a few times by the Triads.

Sammy Davis Jr was almost killed by The Mafia

Sammy Davis Jr was almost killed by The Mafia

In the 1950s, Sammy Davis Jr. and Vertigo star Kim Novak were in a romantic relationship. But, the problems with this relationship were that Kim was contracted to Harry Cohn, an influential and callous manager with mob ties. Cohn agonized that the controversy of Davis and Novak’s marriage would hurt Novak’s future prospects, that is why, he hired a mobster to threaten Davis’s father, this mobster warned Davis’s father that Cohn had given him a contract to harm Sammy. Sammy was asked to protect his life, he had only one option and that was to leave Novak and marry another woman. He did, and the contract was called off.

Al Sharpton – a Mafia Informer

Al Sharpton

In the ’80s, Al Sharpton lead a boycott of the Jacksons’ tour, asserted to extort money from the band. At this time, he received a phone call from a person named Sal, who threatened to kill him if he did not stop the boycott. After getting this threat call he immediately went to FBI for help, and, he assisted them in getting hold of Sal and numerous other criminals.

Some documents report Sharpton was forced into becoming an informer to keep away from prosecution after he was caught in a drug deal.

Gordon Ramsay was Almost Executed by A Shark-Hunting Gang

Gordon Ramsay

Shark fishing thrives in several regions, even though it is illegal in many countries. In the year 2011, Gordon Ramsay was making a documentary on this illegal practice and in the process he found that criminal gangs were involved (who even tried to attack Ramsay).

In Costa Rica Ramsay saw many shark fins. When he was about to leave, he and his crew was surrounded by mobsters who blocked their path, they stood Ramsay and the crew against a wall at gunpoint. But, luckily the police arrived and asked them to leave the country.

The Krays Tried to Manage The Beatles and The Kinks

The Beatles

The Kray twins in the ’60s decided to take control of a rock band. For this, they chose – The Beatles.

Ronnie Kray met Brian Epstein but was told that managing a band like The Beatles required expert knowledge. Hearing this, Ronnie got upset and got hold of a random man and rammed a nail in his cheek, only to show that he was serious.

Afterwards, the Krays understood that managing ‘The Beatles’ was indeed very difficult, so, they just extorted huge money from Epstein. After this, they tried to take over – The Kinks, which was a lower-profile band.