Mafia is a criminal organization that was widely represented in Italy and the US. It was involved in almost all criminal activities and took control of the shady sector of the economy.

Thanks to great management and сruelty, these guys were quite successful in expanding their influence. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to run a crime syndicate without weapons responsible for a large number of deaths.

Scroll down below and read about the most widespread weapons of the mafia.

The Thompson 1928

It’s the most cinematic weapon of the mafia. Its alternative name is the Tommy gun. The weapon became very popular among the mob due to the combination of size and firepower. Even though the sub-machine gun is heavy, it was quite compact compared to other rifles.

The Tommy gun can shoot 850+ rounds per minute. Also, the weapon has a 50-round drum magazine that allows shooting for a long time without reloading.

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Smith and Wesson Model 19

This revolver became very popular as it was lightweight, accurate, and powerful. It also was super reliable, thanks to the used mechanism. If a bullet didn’t explode for any reason, a shooter should hit the trigger one more time to move the cylinder and explode another one. It was easy to hide the gun in a belt or large pocket to keep it elsewhere secretly.

Colt M1911

This pistol has the same weight and firepower as SW 19. However, it is a semi-automatic handgun with a doubled shooting distance. The handgun has established itself as a reliable weapon with a low chance of misfiring or being jammed.

Also, it has a 7-round box magazine that can be reloaded in less than a second. This gun brought a huge advantage in crossfire fights. Into the bargain, the gun looks great even these days, and it’s still manufactured.

Browning Automatic Rifle

When mobsters required a super-powerful weapon, they brought BAR. It is a military machine gun that is very heavy and large. It shoots off Springfield cartridges that can go through a small three, car, bullet-proof vest, wall, etc. The gun has a 20 round magazine that can be changed quickly. Due to the overwhelming specs of the rifle, the weapon was used at big conflicts only.

Sawed-off Shotgun

Purchasing a powerful handgun or rifle wasn’t cheap or even possible sometimes. Therefore, the mob widely used the cheap gun that was made of a hunting rifle. This type of firearm isn’t accurate and doesn’t have a large shooting range. However, it’s powerful and can cover a large area with small and deadly metal pieces.

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Baseball Bat

For sure, there were some baseball fans among mobsters. However, they utilized bats not for playing baseball on Sundays. Bats were in the mafia’s arsenal to beat people. This weapon is not as deadly as a handgun or blade but still very dangerous.


It’s one of the most ancient weapons utilized by humans. Almost every mobster had a knife. Unfortunately, it’s one of the deadliest weapons as it can be used stealthily and suddenly.

Molotov Cocktail

It’s a very dangerous weapon that is widely used even in the 21st century. It’s a mix of gasoline and oil in a glass bottle. It is a very cheap and harmful weapon that was also used in military operations. The mafia could burn cars and buildings using it.

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Final Shot

The mafia had a huge arsenal of different weapons that were used for various purposes. Lightweight and small handguns were utilized for self-defense. Big and powerful rifles are responsible for a large number of deaths caused by criminal activity.

Even though there are a lot of iconic weapons, the SW revolver was the most popular handgun as it is small, lightweight, reliable, and powerful.