Who Was Who Anthony Abbatemarco?

Reading Time: Related to several independent-spirited Profaci-Colombo Crime Family mobsters who met with violent ends, Anthony Abbatemarco attained a leadership position within the organization and reached a ripe, old age. Born in Brooklyn on April 6, 1922, Anthony Abbatemarco was the first child of Frank and Mary Abbatemarco. The family lived at 702 President Street in the Park Slope section, just outside of Gowanus. On the same city block resided Anthony’s grandmother Rosa and his…

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Bugs Moran

Also Knows As: George Clarence Moran Born: Friday August 21st 1891 Died: Monday February 25th 1957 Age: 65 Cause of Death: Lung Cancer Crime Family Association: North Side Gang             About Bugs Moran George Clarence Moran, or Bugs as he is better known was a mobster from the early 20th century, and part of the famous North Side Gang, along with Dean O’Banion. Many say that the “Drive-By Shooting” was…

Abe Reles

Abraham Reles, was born in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. In his early years Abe Reles attended school through the 8th grade. After leaving school, Abe began hanging out at pool rooms and candy stores in and around Brownsville.

John Dillinger

        Also Knows As: John Herbert Dillinger Born: Wednesday June 22nd 1903 Died: Friday July 22nd 1934 Age: 31 Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds Crime Family Association:  N/A               Public Enemy Number 1 The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, states on their website that gangster John Dillinger was one of the most dangerous criminals of all time. Even through Dillinger has been dead since 1934, he still tops the list because of the era he…