Sicilian born author, Louis Romano, talks about life growing up in The Bronx and his latest book ‘BESA’ – which translates itself as ‘Albanian’s word of honor’ (their BESA). The book follows the Albanian mob and how they will stop at nothing in their quest for vengeance when one of their own has been killed by someone connected to the New York Mafia.

Despite having 21 books under his belt (including ‘John Alite International Gangster’), Louis Romano only started his writing career at the age of 58 with the book INTERCESSION, a bloody revenge thriller, which earned him the title of 2014 Foreword Review Top Finalist.

Prior to writing, his career was in the heating oil business, where he served as a Senior Vice President of a large company for many years. During this time he also dealt with the Albanians, selling them oil, which would eventually help in writing his second book BESA, which was based on the Albanian Mafia, which Louis won six international film awards for its screenplay.

Alan Lindbloom