Following my release from prison in 2017, I was living in hostels and supported accommodation as part of my licence conditions, and very bored. As the saying goes, the devil makes work for idle hands and I had had my fair share of prison to not want to go back. I had access to the internet, and decided to join a few Facebook groups where I could share my knowledge on the history of organised crime around the globe.

To cut a long story short, I met, online, Rob Bailot Jr. who owned and ran a group called Omerta Social Club, an event that would lead on to me writing articles for the National Crime Syndicate. Rob was also admin for a group owned by Ciro Dapagio, who at that time, as well as having a Facebook group, also had a web series called MobKing (it’s on YouTube if you want to check it out).

Rob introduced me to Ciro, and I began to admin the MobKing group with Ciro, Rob and a few others. I think it is fair to say that Ciro’s goal was to see MobKing hit the big screens, and I’m pleased to say he did it.

Not only did he do it but Ciro also sent me a private link so I could watch the movie before it reached the shores of the UK.

And here’s what I thought of Ciro’s film.

MobKing is a 2023 crime thriller film directed by Jokes Yanes and stars Ciro Dapagio.

The film follows Mike White, a lifelong confidant of the notorious Sasso Crime Family of South Florida, who is released from prison after a lengthy sentence. When he returns home, he quickly realizes that life back on the outside isn’t turning out the way he hoped or planned.

The film is a gritty, fast-paced thriller that delivers on its promise of action and suspense, and the performances are all solid, with Ciro giving a particularly strong performance as the conflicted Mike White.

The direction is confident and the film is well-shot, with some impressive action and well-choreographed action sequences.

All in all, MobKing is a solid crime thriller that is sure to entertain fans of the genre.

If you are looking for a gritty, suspenseful, and action-packed film, then MobKing is worth checking out.

The film is currently available in the US to stream on Amazon Prime Video, and will soon be available to people in the UK and Europe.

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