Two people who I greatly admire, and for different reasons, are Seth Ferranti and Christian Cipollini, and their latest venture together, a true crime graphic novel about the life of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, which I have been fortunate to have read, has left me astounded. (And you can also be a part of it, further details following my review.)

Charles “Lucky” Luciano was one of the most notorious gangsters in American history. He was the mastermind behind the modern Mafia, and his influence can still be felt today. Christian’s graphic novel tells the story of part of Charlie’s life, and we find out how Charlie received the nickname ‘Lucky’. It is well-written and engaging, and the artwork is stunning. Hats off to illustrator, Yevgeniy Frantsev, who has a style that perfectly captures the violence and glamour of the underworld. Christian does an excellent job of bringing Lucky’s story to life. He captures the violence and glamour of the underworld, as well as the complexities of Lucky’s character.

One of the things that really impressed me is that Christian did a great job of researching Lucky’s life. He used a variety of sources, including court transcripts, FBI files, Lucky’s own writings, and Christian’s own possessions.

What Christian doesn’t know about Lucky really isn’t worth knowing.

Christian has a knack for storytelling and this graphic novel is no different, it is well-written, engaging and he keeps the reader’s interest throughout.

Overall, I really enjoyed this graphic novel about Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano. It’s an engaging look at one of the most notorious gangsters in American history.

I highly recommend it. Five stars.

“The LUCKY graphic novel will be pre-sold through Kickstarter from April 15th to May 15th. In addition to the graphic novel, the Kickstarter campaign will offer unique collectibles such as a limited-edition hardcover, a Lucky Luciano action figure, a comic art t-shirt, and an exclusive advance digital preview of Ferranti and Cipollini’s upcoming documentary Dope Men: America’s First Drug Cartel (Outlaw Films).

Following the Kickstarter presale campaign, the book will be available in the general market, summer 2023.” (Press release)

You can pre-order by clicking on this link:


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