In the underground world of mobster life, sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. While most of the celebrated people on this list make a living from the make-believe industry of Hollywood, the covert ties that they have to the mob are real.

Some celebrities are well-known associates of various international crime families, and others conduct their relationships under the radar, or so they think. In many cases, just associating with anyone involved in illegal mob activities is enough to get you labeled a friend to criminals.

The associations have been confirmed to the public in all of these cases. Several mob families have been involved in different areas of the movie and television industry, so it’s not surprising that many people on this list work in entertainment. If you find yourself in an “association” with the mob, you might want to get the advice of a professional at The Hardy Law Firm to keep yourself out of trouble. Let’s take a closer look at this list of celebrities with covert ties to the mob.

Robert DeNiro

A king of the silver screen, Robert DeNiro has built his career by portraying some of the most fearsome villains of the theater. From The Goodfella’s to Analyze This, DeNiro is practiced in the secret lives of the mobsters he plays. The rumors found that he dealt directly with members of The Gambino family in preparation for his mob boss roles.

Marilyn Monroe

This iconic beauty was known for keeping the company of unique people, including Andy Warhol and the Kennedys. Although her life was cut short, she impacted the world significantly. Reports claim she was considering blowing the lid off the affair scandal between her and the President. A friend, Sam Giancana, a mob member, spoke to her on the night of her death, trying to convince her that she should stay quiet.

Richard Nixon

This notorious President of the United States was embroiled in many scandals, including Watergate, during his time in office. What is less known about Nixon is that his close friend and lawyer Murray Chotiner was also retained by several mobsters, including Jimmy Hoffa, Carlos Marcello, and Mickey Cohen. It is believed that various mob families partially funded Nixon’s campaigns.

Frank Sinatra

Although Sinatra always denied the rumors about his association with the mob, it was hard to reckon that his own uncle, Babe Garavante was a well-known mobster. So significant were the believed ties to the gang that the FBI surveilled Sinatra for more than five years. The FBI reported that Sinatra often held parties at his home that mob members, including Lucky Luciano, attended.

James Caan

One of Hollywood’s most notorious mob associations was between James Caan and the Colombo Family. In 2011, Caan offered to pay the bail of one of the family’s street bosses, and Andy Russo was arrested. It was soon revealed that Russo was Caan’s godfather.

The Golden Age of Hollywood is full of fascinating stories and covert connections. Others like Steve Wynn, Liza Minelli, Steve Wynn, and Elizabeth Hurley also have rumored mob connections.