Have you ever read a book that is captivating and intriguing till the last page? If not, then go and grab a copy of these top 5 Mafia books filled with gruesome details.

Best Mafia Books for Students

Students prefer some writing companies over others for their assignments. Some students explore the website of Write My Essay For Me, when there buy urgent essays and get it in time. Just like the search for good writing services is endless, everybody has a particular preference for reading books. Somebody likes horror and thrill; some people love romantic novels, while others want to read history-related books and biographies. Some book-lovers love to read about gangster groups and how they work. Such books are quite famous and are more commonly referred to as the Mafia books. For your convenience, we have listed down reviews regarding best books about the mafia.

The Godfather by Maria Puzo

Mario Puzo wrote a classic novel when Great America was unstable and in a constant state of turmoil. Moreover, the mafia people were considered good citizens of American society, more like heroes. A film was also created in the same novel. The story goes like this that one of the protagonists, Don, emigrated from Sicily to New York and after a period of struggling, was able to make his name in the underworld crime. He used the olive oil export business as a cover that showcased him as a law-abiding citizen. Power, greed and family ties are beautifully described in this novel. Through controversy, crime, betrayal and a series of inspiring events unleash a masterpiece. Through generations, the kingdom of this mafia family passed on. Don Vito Corleone was the mafia leader who passed on his business to his three princes. One of the sons, Michael, was different from other siblings. He wanted to be on his own and not follow the family business. Many challenges emerged, and his father’s death became a turning point in his life. He completely changed after his brother and wife’s death and became a mafia gang’s crime leader. The film starring superstars is an equally popular movie that attracts both book and movie lovers.

The Neon Rain by James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke is a striking author of the Neon Rain. This book explores the workings of crime underworld. It is a Dave Robicheaux series, where Dave is a detective from New Orleans. He finds out that someone wants to kill him. He gets involved with chieftains of the mafia and drug dealers. In this story, he has fought many battles with drug dealers and other non-law-abiding citizens. Lost his wife’s love, he lives in a French Quarter, where the body of a prostitute is found, whom he had fallen in love. Robicheaux has to deal with the crime gangsters and bring justice to the woman he had fallen in love with. It is an intriguing crime novel filled with details that would keep you captivated till the very end as each chapter helps solve the mystery.

Excellent Cadavers by Alexander Stille

A non-fiction book, Excellent Cadavers is a novel based on the real story of a magistrate, Giovanni Falcone, who fought against the masterminds and leaders of the Sicilian mafia, which led to his assassination in 1992. Just like a fact-based novel is written with much effort. Similarly, students also need help in submitting their assignments on time. If you are looking for a reliable and good quality cheap essay writing service for the purpose, go for https://perfectessay.com/urgent-essay-writing-service, which delivers quality essays on time.

A riveting tale sprinkled with details of the entire account. Excellent Cadavers is a popular non-fiction book for students interested in reading about the mafia and how they controlled and even played a role in assassinating government officials. In the story by Stille, in 1992, Italy shook by two audacious assassinations of government officials carried out by Mafia gangsters. Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino were the Sicilian magistrates who had been after the Sicilian mafia. When the murders took place, there was an uproar all over Italy, and many honour men were arrested. Stille tells this story with great detail and conviction. Describing the true heroes and how they fought the battle, Stille gives us a peep into history. The well-drawn characters and their emotions are depicted in the book in its most real sense. Stille has worked hard to project the happenings taking place and everything about the bloodthirsty Sicilian mafia. It is a page-turner and a thriller.

Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano

Another non-fiction book relates to the investigation carried by Saviano, who investigates different business areas and how criminal gangster Camorrah controls every action of your life. The book has been translated into 51 languages, and in Italy, it sold like hotcakes. Saviano who brazenly told the truth has been attacked several times by the same mafia. As he unveiled the attacks and how Gomorrah controlled everything, Saviano has since the book’s publication been under police escort to safeguard his life. He has been attacked by various Neapolitan godfathers who found the investigative book a real threat to their existence. This is a must-read for students looking for a particular definition of what is the mafia.

Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi

Nicholas Pileggi is a crime reporter who has penned down this incredible masterpiece. It is a non-fiction book depicting Henry Hill’s life, who was a mafia gangster, who later turned into an FBI informant, who provided valuable information about the gang he was involved with to the police. Nicholas Pileggi penned down the life of Henry Hill in great detail in the book. He was an American gangster who was affiliated with the Lucchese crime family of New York City. Between 1955 and 1980, Hill was arrested on various narcotics charges. But in police custody, he became a key informant. Hill had used all the money from his robbery to build a hotel resort, which he shared with his wife. The Lufthansa robbery was also carried out at John F. International Airport in 1978 by Henry Hill, which is penned down in great detail in the book. For students wanting to write an analytical essay example on a book, this is a perfect read.

Bonus Book: The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow

Students always needs professionals who can write a research paper. The more books they read, the better understanding they will have of the subject. For instance, if the book is about the crime world or related to crime, they should read the best mafia books to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. This novel by Don Winslow is a depiction of bloodthirsty revenge, betrayal and a crime-laden world. In this book, the Barera brothers are the heirs of a vast drug empire, and Art Keller is a DEA agent. Another character Nora Hayden is a teenager who later becomes an elite hooker. Parada is a father who is a Catholic priest. Callan is a small kid who grows up and becomes a bad man. All these characters are trapped in Mexico. The author masterfully describes the criminal underworld and its workings. It focuses a good 25 years of betrayal and drug dealing in Mexico. Those who want to know the life of drug dealers up close and their life, in general, must read this book till the end. You wouldn’t want to put the book down once you start reading it.

So, these were detailed reviews about these books. You can also read other books that are not fiction and based on facts to understand better all the good and bad people living in this world.

Hayley Dean