Tips for Writing Essay about Italian Crime History

Tips for Writing Essay about Italian Crime History


Writing a history essay is not an easy task. You have to conduct proper research about a particular era and present the paper. You must have excellent writing skills as well because of the complicated history terms. This article will shine a light on how to craft a history essay.

Begin With A Plan

Whenever someone asks me how to write a history essay, I always tell them to start with a plan. Most students have a habit of writing essays without constructing a proper plan. This makes them prone to errors, and they end up screwing up the argument. Having a proper structure is very important for a college student. Map out your entire essay on a rough page and pluck out the most compelling arguments.

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The Vital First Paragraph

With the heading of this paragraph, you would have deciphered how vital the first paragraph of any history essay is. It is the first interaction between the writer’s thoughts and the reader’s impressionable mind. Hence, at first meet, there are some considerations that you need to take into account.

If you want to craft an excellent history essay, make sure you give a complete expectation of the journey that would lie ahead for the reader. After completing the first paragraph, a reader should be content and know fully what points would be elaborated on in the entirety of the essay.

However, a writer should be cautious on this that they should constrict themselves on giving out the text’s flavor, not disclose the entire premise of the essay. Because in this situation, the reader would be discouraged to read as their interest level could not be piqued, and they could not fetch value by reading the content of the following paragraphs.

Another element that requires a writer’s utmost attention is that they should not write off the cuff in an impromptu manner. Without proper planning and a structure in one’s mind, the output reflected in the text would be extraordinarily jumbled, and the reader would shy away from reading one’s essay with the level of concentration they intend to capture. So, make sure that you don’t start the essay without sufficient planning.

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Middle Paragraph

The middle paragraph serves as the main body of the essay. Alternatively, it’s where the meat lies. The thesis statement and the two sides of the argument you have delineated in the opening paragraph should be discussed here.

Content and suitable structure for an argument to be stated are that initially, you must present the argument on the face value and follow by reasons that people hold that argument viable.

Likewise, another good strategy in the middle part of the essay is to cover both sides of the first paragraph’s thesis statement. Presenting two sides of the story or competing arguments can be a logical and scientifically correct way to formulate an opinion amongst the essay’s readers.

Moreover, you should also keep this element in your mind throughout the process that middle paragraphs must be dissected into many paragraphs. And ideally, each line of argument, which is supposed to answer the question posed in the essay’s thesis statement, should be written down in a separate paragraph. This demands less effort from the reader to identify the start of another argument and the preceding argument’s ending, making sure that a reader is engaged for a more extended period.

For a history essay, explaining your arguments by quotations or facts from authenticated sources is a good practice as it makes sure that the claim you identified in the essay is taken seriously.

Lastly, one should also not go astray from this golden rule that all of the arguments mentioned in the middle part of the essay should not be new or extra as compared to the one already mentioned in the first paragraph.

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Always try to tell the truth, no matter what. History papers are very complicated. It’s easy for a student to lose track of the actual topic and start writing about some entirely different issue. The information you provide must be relevant. A brilliant essay contains all the essential historical arguments, and you can easily link them up. If your paper is hard to follow, the professor might lose interest. In other words, ponder over the essay prompt for a while. Insert information that you feel others will miss so that your essay might stand out from the crowd. Students who don’t understand the essay’s prompt regret later on. After completing the entire paper, they realize that all of the information is irrelevant. If you want to avoid a similar situation, read the topic thoroughly.

A Historical essay is mostly focused on a particular time in history. If you want to stay relevant on the topic, try to constraint your research on one era. If you expand your horizon, you might get off track.

Let’s say, for instance, you are required to explain how Hitler came to power. Try to look for information that is directly related to his life. This will enlighten you with important events and achievements in Hitler’s life, and you may start with the essay. Ask yourself questions that will make you better understand the topic. For example:

  • Are there any specific achievements of Hitler that led him to power?
  • What was the most important act that made him famous?
  • It might be wise to explain some critical personalities in Hitler’s life

Hitler led a colorful life. His reign was one of the most impactful, and many historians have written papers and books on his life. Since there is a pool of information, you have to choose the most relevant part. Try to center your argument when he ruled over Germany, and avoid going off-topic to discuss his early life. Your professor has to check several papers. If you add irrelevant stuff, he might get uninterested and move on to a different essay.


While writing an essay on history topic, you must always add references. Adding a proper section for a bibliography is essential because it helps validate your research. Try to use as many in-text citations as possible. This helps the professor understand that you have conducted proper research. References not only verify your work, but they help the professor understand your standpoint. One thing that you must keep in mind is the style of referencing required. Different professors demand different styles of referencing from their students. Some of the most common styles are:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Oxford
  • Harvard
  • Chicago

All of these styles have different types of in-text and final citations, and you must be fluent with everyone. If you want to learn more about referencing, the internet has dozens of videos that may teach you how to type accurate citations in term papers.

References are crucial, especially when it comes to writing a resume. Make sure that you include proper references so that the employer might be inclined to hire you. You can easily buy a quality resume online if you want to avoid the hassle of adding references.


The key to a good history essay lies in the keywords, such as ‘planning your essay’ and ‘sticking to the plan throughout.’ Hence, when this is implemented, the writer and reader both would not be distracted at all. Moreover, if you want to buy historical essays for sale, the internet is full of online services.