Through Their Eyes Thursday: John Sacrimoni

Above all, I’m a Husband to Ginny & Father to my two girls. They have always been priority in my life over everything, Business, The Family, Money even. When I took my oath to become a member of the Lupertazzi Family I secretly told myself no one goes above Ginny and whatever children God grants us.

Try sitting in the shadow of Carmine Lupertazzi for as long as i did. You’ll grow to resent a man like him. He needed me though. Who was gonna rig all the union jobs, the big construction projects and our mutual business ventures with the Soprano Family over in Jersey? His son little Carmine? Don’t make me laugh. On top of running the day to day Family business.

Money. Its my God in the material world. Im a greedy motherfucker. Hats off I am. The life has made me who i am. I can be a sneaky motherfucker if it means me getting what i need. I use people, God forgive me, for anything that means I profit. I even conspired to have the old man clipped. Thankful now it didn’t come to fruition. Who knows, he probably had me pencilled in for removal at some stage, this is the life we chose.

Anyway, the day came when Carmine passed and the Battle for the big seat commenced. After so many needless casualties I won the throne. Little Carmine was never gonna make a Boss. He’d be a soldier, at best. I was a Mercedes man, S500 always. The style and elegance of it I felt described me perfectly. I was Stylish, quiet and looked for peace mainly, but like the S500 i had Power when needed. This made way for my first treat as Boss, a Maserati Coupe, fine Italian sports car.

I was always a faithful man. In my marriage I took the oath very seriously. Although this life we chose goes hand in hand with other women, I stuck to my principles. I could have fucked a thousand broads. No. Ginny was always my girl. Round, beautiful, rubenesque. Her weight never bothered me. She gave me two daughters and im forever grateful. To think she was being mocked by friends of ours? It breaks my heart. Once Ginny and the girls are happy, il sit back with a cognac, and a cigarette, which will someday be the death of me. Being banged up in here is hard. Taking its toll now. Trying to run the Family through Phil, who’s a real powerhouse, old school. I’ve been proposed a deal, a reduced sentence for admitting my role in this thing of ours, and taking the hit on 47 Rico predicates. I threw cold water on it immediately as a natural reaction. But as always with me, my face and mouth say one thing, while the wheels in motion in my head say another.

If I stand up and accept my faith, Ginny will have enough to live comfortable, while me on the other hand, I might just die in this prison…..

Gar O'brien