Lead Editor Casey McBride Takes The NCS to The Mob Museum


Casey, who also owns and runs the Frank Costello dedicated page over at Uncle Frank’s Place recently got the chance that everyone would give their right arm for, and that was to head to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

Being loyal to the NCS family Casey decided to don his NCS t-shirt for the visit of a lifetime, and actually got stopped by a few members of the Mob Museum staff.

The first was in the book store which houses some of the finest content on life in the Mafia and the mobsters that were part of this secret organization. Some of the authors here have also been interviewed by the NCS over the course of the last few years.

Casey at The Mob Museum

Casey at The Mob Museum

The second shot of Casey was taken when a gift shop employee spotted the t-shirt and he managed to get a nice photo outside the building.

Casey at The Mob Museum

Casey at The Mob Museum

So that’s The Mob Museum and now Alcatraz that he has visited sporting our t-shirt.

Where should Casey go next?!

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