Top Italian Dishes to Order on a Date

Are you planning a romantic date and wondering what kind of food to pick? Think no more, because Italian cuisine is a number one choice among couples from different parts of the world. According to researches, a large percent of people prefer to eat Italian dishes when going on dates as they stand out with great variety and freshness of their ingredients. We can definitely say Italian cuisine is the food of romance and it is all reminded in movies as well.

Undoubtedly, pizza is one of the most preferred and loved meals on a date. You can easily impress your partner. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like this popular dish, right? Also, there are hundreds of variants of the legendary Italian pasta. If you go for the traditional Spaghetti Bolognese or Carbonara, no one will be disappointed. Another traditional and respected type of pasta is called Tagliatelle or Tagliolini. And of course, Italian wines are considered the most romantic ones. They are usually made of dried black fruit, have a special strong taste, and will certainly warm up the atmosphere. To keep that unique taste of your favorite wine, look at this wine preservers review that will provide you with a fresh glass of wine without even having to remove the cork.

“Love Story” or How Italian Cuisine Saved One Dating Site

Now let’s read an interesting story of how a group of people found the real connection between dating and Italian food. The story starts with the decision of the owners of to make a trip to Italy to celebrate the birthday (One Year) of the website. They were so excited at the beginning, but unfortunately something went wrong. There was an unexpected storm and right before their departure from the airport, all flights got suddenly cancelled. Everyone was so disappointed and not knowing what to do, but one guy came up with the creative idea to go visit an Italian restaurant instead of taking up the trip. And this is what they did eventually. Who says you have to actually go to Italy in order to have quality fun and taste renowned Italian dishes?

The group visited one of the notorious Italian restaurants in the city. It was so modern, cozy, and luxurious that they never regret their decision. There was a gentle fragrance in the air that made the atmosphere even more delightful. They could taste both classic Italian dishes like Lasagna, Pizza Margherita, Tiramisu and other Mediterranean specialties and delicacies. They realized your date could not help but feel special in a place like this. The food was so great and the atmosphere very romantic, so the owners of the site could agree with the statement that Italians are rightly known for their creativity and passion.

Although the one-year anniversary was not celebrated in Italy as planned, everybody was sure it would be remembered forever. All members of the team had so much fun and enjoyed a truly unique and delicious cuisine. The weather outside was extremely cold, but inside the restaurant as well as in people’s souls was warm and pleasant.