With more recognition and a chance to earn well, specialists have been attracted to certifications. There’s a belief that those who are certified are good performers and get better career chances. And this cannot be further from the truth. This post singles out the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification that can be achieved through passing two assessments coded AZ-303 & AZ-304 and takes you through its benefits. ExamTopics AZ-303 Tests. This is to help you determine if it’s the badge that you need in advancing your career.

Benefits of Completing AZ-304 Test and Earning Relevant Certification: Is It for You?

To help you answer the question of whether the above-mentioned badge and its tests are for you, we’ll give you various benefits that result from earning it. Maximus R Watch out for them below. Thus, this credential:


  • Differentiates you from the competition


Candidates usually find it stiff competing for vacancies in an organization. This is because many applicants send their requests to be considered for the positions. The only way you can be picked from among those in the list for the interview is to have a relevant certification. River S The Microsoft badge for Azure Solutions Architect Expert will separate you from your competitors and give you a favorable edge over them.


  • Equips you with skills that you can draw upon when required


The Azure skills attained through the rigorous process of preparing for your certification are helpful when executing your job duties. They include providing solutions in designing Azure infrastructure, storage, and identity among others. The new skills and knowledge will be there for you when you need to use them.


  • Means more money


Compared to your counterparts who are yet to consider running after such a badge, you’re going to earn better. As employers compete for your skills, Zane T they’re going to be prepared to compensate you well for your effort and the time you spent looking for the certification. gives $120,559 as of the median pay for solutions architects who have skills in Microsoft Azure.

Enhances networking opportunities

When you have the expert certification in Microsoft Azure, you get connected to a new community. This is because there’s something you’ll be sharing with the certified professionals. Mark U You can network with them through web meetings or professional sites like LinkedIn. Networking opportunities enhance your exposure and help you in learning about opportunities shared by your colleagues with the same badge.


  • Gives room for promotion


If you’ve been in one job position for a while, acquiring a certification can transform things for you. Your employer would be pleased to see you taking your time and using your finances to better your skills. To them, this would mean effectiveness in the role they gave you. Passing AZ-303 & AZ-304 will show them that you can go to any levels to ensure that your skills meet today’s job demands. Brooks V And owing to this, your employer will offer you a promotion, which would mean satisfaction and better earning opportunities.



The Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification will give you exposure to skills that will establish you in the field of cloud computing. Besides how it benefits you, you’ll also become a mentor to those looking up to you if you successfully complete the final test for this badge coded AZ-304. If you were wondering if this is what you should go for, these benefits should make you settled. As you can see, the badge is a mirror of your Azure skills as well as how much you can apply them to meet your company’s goals. The truth, therefore, is that this is what you need if you’re interested in making your career great!