We all know how cooking unites people. It’s because cooking is a good way to cooperate with your mate and spend time doing something together. That’s why it is an extremely cool way to make your date better. But what dishes to choose if you decided to make a “cooking date.” With the help of guys from meetmesexy who tried this way of dating, we found some really interesting dishes for cooking with your friend.

So here we go!

Pigeon with Anise: Strong Flavor for a Strong Relationship

The rich combination of pigeon, star anise, and black truffle makes a delicious partner for an unforgettable night with your partner. To prepare this recipe, you need pigeons as the meat and the star anise salad consisting of tomatoes, garlic, thyme, anise, and morels.

Clean and prepare the pigeons and roast the thigh bones and carcasses for half an hour. Next, put them in a casserole dish, mix with tomato, anise, thyme, and garlic, and boil without a lid for about an hour. Now strain the stock and heat it gently after adding the sliced morels.

Next, fry the thighs and breast fillets until they’re medium rare. To serve, put even slices of breasts and thighs into serving plates and drizzle the sauce over them. The delicious dish of pigeon is now for the two of you.

Pan-friend Hare: A Shiny Dish for Your Shiny Date

The delicious flavor of hare, especially when prepared in spiced butter, is something you never want to miss! This dish is served with a sweet syrup of pumpkin, bergamot, punchy olives, and spiced potatoes, all making a perfect contrast without any negative impacts on the overall taste.

The main ingredients are bare loins, peppercorns, bay leaves, potatoes, pumpkin, vegetable stock, olives, and bergamot juice. Prepare the cumin potatoes by cooking the diced potatoes, vegetables, and cumin in the steam. Next, prepare the bergamot jelly and mix its slices with bergamot juice until smooth. After that, make the pumpkin syrup and add the grated pumpkin to be cooked for 10 minutes.

Drain the steamed potatoes and fry them with butter until golden. Season the loins and place them in another frying pan over medium heat until they’re brown on all sides. Now you can serve by adding bergamot jelly swirls of pumpkin syrup to each plate after placing the loins’ slices in the center of the plate.

Ischia-style Rabbit: A Hearty Recipe to Date Stylishly

This rabbit stew originates from the island of Ischia, and it’s best served when mixed with seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

To prepare the recipe, you need two rabbits, shallots, garlic, chili, white wine, tomatoes, bay leaves, and vegetable stock. First, cut the ribs, shoulders, legs, and loins into pieces and season them after adding a little flour. Fry the slices with olive oil until golden brown. No move the rabbit pieces and set them aside. Fry the garlic, chili, and shallot together with olive oil until the shallots turn golden.

Now deglaze the rabbit with white wine and add the tomatoes and vegetable stock after five minutes. Cook for 20 minutes over medium heat, then add the herbs and keep cooking for half an hour until it turns into a thick sauce. You can now serve the stew with your loved one after garnishing it with rosemary and basil leaves.

Try Cooking Today

Cooking is a perfect way to make your relationship stronger. Try preparing these three recipes with your partner, and enjoy a fun time together.