Every college student is bound to get a writing assignment sooner or later. And while it’s a really common type of work, not everyone is great at it. At the same time, many professors tend to put a lot of emphasis on essays when determining a final grade. So if you are not so sure about your writing abilities and there’s an important assignment coming up – you can always defer to online writing services like domyessay for their expertise.

Writing a historical essay is not easy. It requires students to include much historical information within limited words. Having the right details covered is essential, but not enough. It has to be written in a well-structured and cohesive way. If you want to learn how to write one on the Mafia, keep reading.

Begin with a plan

What are history essays? Is this your first time writing one, do you need to have a clear understanding of the concept? A historical essay describes a claim or argument about a single event or many. You then try to support the stance and claim with enough arguments, references, and evidence.

This leads to the second question, how to start a history essay? Always remember not to begin until you have designed a written plan. As soon as you receive the question on Mafia, give it some thought and get to work. Take out a rough notebook and a pen, go to a quiet and undistracted spot and start brainstorming ideas. Jot down your initial thoughts and responses to the question. What you think needs to be included here, in light of everything you might have studied in class. If not, do not worry, you have the internet facility to help you through this. You should try figuring out what issues, events, and people are connected to the question at hand.

At this stage, it would be quite useful if you outlined your essay. Mention, along with all the key points, you will be writing in each paragraph. This way, you will develop a direction to follow in the later stages. Your work will seem more coherent and structured. Hire someone to write a paper if you still need help. Also, it minimizes the chances of you missing out on an important detail. A general outline should follow the structure below:






– conclusion

Start researching

Start researching

With that out of the way, you should now have a decent idea regarding how to write a history essay. It is time for diving deep into the history books and pages on the internet to find out what you are looking for. You should know which sources to use and rely on for research purposes. Not every website is reliable and can be used for references. A few credible ones are listed below:

  • EuroDocs
  • Internet History Sourcebook Project
  • Google Cultural Institute
  • World Digital Library

Most students will begin by going through an overview of the topic of the essay. Use current understanding about the issue coupled with the information gleaned out from the authentic secondary sources. This will help you in providing a base for other questions for investigation.

Every college student is bound to get a writing assignment sooner or later. And while it’s a really common type of work, not everyone is great at it. At the same time, many professors tend to put a lot of emphasis on essays when determining a final grade. So if you are not so sure about your writing abilities and there’s an important assignment coming up – you can always defer to online writing services like domyessay for their expertise

Your research has to take shape from here onwards. You should start identifying concepts and terms you are unfamiliar with but need to be included in your essay. Do not rely on just a single source, rather be creative and look in various places. Besides, find out what other issues flow from this. However, if you come across a mental brick wall and get stuck at a point. You can always go to your teacher for guidance. Another alternative is to buy historical essays for sale.

Write a compelling introduction

Write a compelling introduction

First and foremost, work on developing a contention. If you aim to write an impactful essay, missing out on this will undoubtedly deprive you of achieving the highest grade. A contention is the central argument or idea of your essay. It will serve as the focal point and answer to the question for your writing. Ideally, this would be constructed in a single sentence.

Next, start working on a captivating, informative, and thorough introduction. This will help explain to the reader what stance of the mafia-related topic you are working on. What should they expect from your essay and the highlights coming up? It is a crucial paragraph as it will determine whether the reader will develop an interest in going through with it till the end. If this bores the other person from the beginning, you can expect your grade to go downhill from here. Make it sound punchy, clear, and confident.

Begin by providing something for context. Follow it by addressing the question, and then articulate the contention that you developed. The reader should get to understand the direction your essay will be taking. If you feel clueless, you can seek assistance from online writing services like customessayorder.com. They can be excellent for guidance.

Main body and conclusion

You would have an essay structure to follow at this point. It makes all of the next process easier. Before starting writing, keep in mind the best approach to take here is to organize your paragraphs using two methods; thematically as well as chronological. This means you will be writing in a way that covers the topics and events based on significance and relevance. Other than this, you will also write them in the order of their occurrences.

Do not fall into the trap of writing very concisely and crafting small paragraphs. A historical essay on Mafia has to be detailed and packed with substantial evidence. An ideal essay contains paragraphs that can be considered as ‘mini-essays’ in themselves. Do not go lower than 100. With each paragraph, introduce a new point that adds value to the case you are explaining. Make sure each of these contains an in-depth exploration of the issue. Even if the next paragraph introduces a new point, make sure the first one flows seamlessly into the next. You need to write at least three paragraphs in the body. However, it can be increased depending on the word limit and requirements of your instructor.

Finally, you conclude. An essay on history topic like this should be ended effectively. A well written last paragraph should fulfill two purposes. First, it has to restate and reiterate the contention of your essay. The other includes closing it off with a polished ending that binds everything and makes sure it does not finish abruptly or awkwardly. You can do this by adding in a sentence like ‘what happened next.’ Make this concise and impactful.

Some useful history essay tips

  • Try writing in the third person

You should not refer to yourself in the essay. There should be no “I” or “me.” Your essay has to be objective and backed up by concrete references and evidence. Your opinion or feelings should never be included when you are writing a historical essay.

  • Write in the past tense.

Be vigilant while writing your essay. Make sure it follows the right tense. There are exceptions. For example, while quoting a writer’s work, you can write like “Kershaw states…”. It sounds better than writing, “ Kershaw has said…”

  • Try to avoid generalizations

Refrain from drawing general conclusions. Do not write all the peasants were violent or all the civilians rioted against a policy. It is never that simple. By doing so, you might appear as an immature writer who does not understand the delicacies of such historical issues.

  • Proofread, edit, revise

Never return your work without going through it multiple times. Catch any potential grammatical or spelling errors. Also, check if each of your paragraphs can be linked back to the contention. Your essay has to be cohesive. You can also ask a friend or your instructor to go through your work and express their opinion.

  • Ask professionals

You might feel that you have done a great job writing this essay on Mafia, but everybody needs an objective overview. Using professional college writing services for getting a better grip on topics as complex as these.

  • Make your essay punchy and sharp

Good writers never write in a monotonous tone. The length of your sentences should vary. Avoid writing too long of a sentence. This way, readers can lose focus on the essence.

With the guidelines given above, you should have learned how to write a historical essay on Mafia or any other topic. You need to work strategically and systematically to produce an essay that guarantees to amaze the reader. Nothing good comes easy. Patience, research, and technique will take you there.