As much as Italy is well-known for its delicious dishes and amazing wines, it has also done a huge part in letting the appeal and glamor of cocktails live on. In fact, Italian mixed drinks have grown to be an important part of every bartender’s cocktail prowess. In the cocktail world, Italian culture contains many nice brands that are popular on dates. It may pose a challenge when it comes to choosing the right one for a particular occasion. However, the specialists from are helping us make an informed decision and save the situation.

For more than half a century, cocktails have always been associated with compliments. It’s thus important to choose them correctly to suit the occasion. It rewards to know what type of cocktail can excite your partner and make a date more special.

We made a list of 5 Italian cocktails to make a compliment on a date.

  • Negroni

Negroni was born on one of Count Camilo’s trips to London in 1919. Although the dry, bittersweet cocktail could be appropriate to drink at any time of the day, it has been used for love compliments. To create a perfectly balanced Negroni cocktail that suits your date intentions, a measured combination of Gin, Campari, Vermouth, and Angostura Aromatic Bitter should work out well.

  • Americano

Americano is a classic Italian cocktail that is formed from mixing Sweet Vermouth and Campari, giving it an attractive sunset red color. Americano came to light in the mid-1800s in Italy and has since grown famous worldwide. It’s delightful; fizzy aperitif better served in a highball glass. This oldest known Italian cocktail is both sophisticated and carefree.

  • Angelo Azzurro

This classic Italian cocktail is lesser-known nowadays, which makes it the best for surprise compliments. The beautiful sky-blue Angelo Azzurro peaked in popularity in the 1990s as many people were drawn to its enticing color. Made from shaking Gin, Triple Sec, and Blue Curacao in a martini glass, this cocktail suits two lovers relaxing together after dinner as it’s not for lightweight drinkers.

  • Milano-Torino (Mi-To)

If you want to compliment your partner with a genuinely classic Italian cocktail with a light body but rich flavor, Milano-Torino (Mi-To) is it. This cocktail, first-served in 1860 at a café in Italy, combines Sweet Vermouth and Campari to give it the bittersweet taste. It comes with a distinct charm that has seen it grow much popular. Mi-To is perfect for any occasion and is much famous on dates.

  • Aperol Spritz

It is another of the great classic Italian cocktails. Instead of Campari in Americano, Aperol Spritz uses Aperol that rewards it with the orange color. It’s slightly sweeter and lower in alcohol, making it suitable for a dating partner who cannot put up with stronger drinks. It’s also perfect for a summer date when you can enjoy the lightness together.

The more you try your hands on one of these cocktails, the more you realize there’s a world of cocktails out there, and Italy has plenty. Try to understand what can surprise your partner and make a choice that would make your date stand out. The culture of complimenting people you hold dear with great cocktails is here to stay.