When you want to throw a cool party and show your playful side to your date, invite her to dress up Italian mafia style. The most fun is to recreate the Roaring Twenties when the women wore sparkling, suggestive cocktail dresses and the men knocked socks off with fancy, three-piece suits. Each idea we present below was acquired with the help of users from mybesthookup.

Look your best

It’s hard to explain just how much visual impressions can help you with flirting and becoming better friends with your date. Women want to enjoy dressing up and have all the fun activities that go along with it. Here are a few tips to look like a million bucks together:

  • Coordinate your outfits.
  • Give her the colors of your suit, including the jacket, tie, and pants, so she can choose whether her dress or pantsuit will match yours.
  • Allow time to get her hair and makeup done (at home by her female friend or professionally). Imagine that she’s your date for a fancy wedding or costume gala.
  • Buy her a trinket to wear, such as long gloves, a headdress, or a hair wrap. A glittery tiara from a costume shop makes a nice touch.
  • Women do not have to wear dresses to Mafia Date Night. They can plan their own dark-colored pinstripe suit and a bright red bow tie or scarf. Your date can switch out the pants for a short black skirt. They can wear heels or elegant boots to feel taller. If you’re wanting to match, order bowler hats for both of you; the feather boa and chunk earrings are optional. In the Roaring Twenties, extravagant and gaudy were always in style.

Plan fun activities

There are many games and activities to organize (even at the last minute) for the mafia theme date. The simplest way to keep things interesting is inviting at least one couple over for a night of cocktails, finger foods, and casino-style card games or board games.

  • Have several games ready. If you don’t like to gamble with poker or roulette board games, try Scrabble, Sorry, Yahtzee, Monopoly, Vegas Showdown, or Pictionary. Suppose you prefer to get physical while wearing fancy dress-up clothes. In that case, Twister is the best option for ice-breaking and making lots of fun memories.
  • To set the mood, create a video or audio playlist with music from the time period and arrange a dance floor in your home. Consider draping scarves over the lampshades to dim the lighting, but take care not to create a fire hazard. Keep the background music playing on the sound system or the living room’s TV set.
  • Plan a special dessert such as champagne and chocolate cake with ice cream and cherry topping. This part of the evening helps her feel like you’ve added a special treat. It is the chance to pack on the romance and give her a few well-crafted compliments on her looks and attire.
  • Add a craft to the mix. This might include asking all guests to decorate their own jar, glass, vase, or make beaded jewelry. Provide materials for painting or drawing to fit the theme.

If the party begins to feel dull, search for an appropriate nightclub where you can take the gang for late-night dancing and more cocktails or mocktails. Use Uber or Lyft or designate a driver to keep everyone safe.

How to wrap things up

The best date nights are memorable because the person who organizes them thinks of all the details. It’s not about ordering a bunch of junk on Amazon to decorate your home for the party or buying expensive apparel. Your goal is building a mood, being a good listener, and giving your date your full attention. Make her feel special, desired, and like the center of your world. This is an appropriate occasion to give her a romantic gift such as jewelry or lingerie too! This time together can lead to more fun dates if you stay cool and dazzle her with your planning skills!