Will The New Scarface Movie Be A Success? (POLL)

Will The New Scarface Movie Be A Success? (POLL)

Will The New Scarface Movie Be A Success? (POLL)

Tony Montana is one of Al Pacino’s most iconic roles, along with the likes of Michael Corelone and Frank Serpico. However, Scarface is on the verge of another remake, and whilst Al Pacino himself as stated that he is fine with the remake, stating that:

It’s part of what we do. We remake things.

Don’t forget the 1983 Scarface is a remake itself, the original release being back in 1932.

The question is can this keep being remade? After all, its a tale of a mobster set in that specific generation. A story of an immigrant that comes to the US in hope of chasing the American Dream, succeeding, but then falling foul to his own success.

If the new remake is set in today’s time, and isnt a carbon copy, could it be a success?

Will The New Scarface Movie Be A Success?

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