Frank DiMatteo Talks Gallo Brothers, Frank Costello & Mob Candy


Frank DiMatteo was born and raised in a family of mob hitmen. His father and godfather were also enforcers for the Gallo brothers. DiMatteo’s uncle was a also a bodyguard for Frank Costello and a capo in the Genovese crime family.

With this information on hand, it was only a matter of time until our very own Casey, who also heads-up ‘Uncle Frank’s Place‘ was looking to DiMatteo for an interview.

In part one of The NCS sit down with Frank DiMatteo from Mob Candy Magazine, he tells us what it’s like growing up with the Gallo’s; how the Mob taught him to be a publisher; and what it’s like to take on the Italian American Civil Rights League.

Part 1 of the Interview

Part 2 of the Interview

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Casey McBride

Lead editor at the NCS, Casey was the first blogger to set foot in the Social Club, and is the curator at Uncle Frank's Place, that little corner of the NCS dedicated to the discussion and preservation of the life and times of racketeer Frank Costello. Casey's philosophy is to specialize. "There is simply too much information for one person to know it all." he claims. "That's the beauty of the NCS. We have folks from all walks of life, all with different interests and expertise, and it's growing all the time."
Casey McBride

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