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Due to the negative effects of the traditional cigarette, a lot of people have turned to the use of the e-cigarette, in other words, vaping. It has become a trendy habit all around the globe. There is still a significant concern about the spread of criminal behavior related to vaping. Although vaping has fewer negative health effects, it surely has some roles when it comes to criminal behavior.

The only problem is that there is limited clear information about how vaping promotes criminal behavior even in the media. If you are reading this article, you are very lucky. We have compiled all the roles that vaping plays in criminal behavior. Do not miss any points.


According to reliable research study results, some fights in schools and other places with teenagers are fought over vape devices and vaping. Teens often use vaping and vape devices as status symbols that make them feel cooler than other teens who do not vape. Furthermore, vaping is becoming more acceptable and fashionable, drawing more teens into the habit.

If the teens vape substances such as marijuana, the effect could even be deeper because the drugs affect their reasoning. They can become involved in situations that lead to violence even among themselves.

Property Theft

If you seriously take note, you will realize that many thieves associate themselves with social habits such as vaping, smoking, doing drugs, and alcoholism. Unfortunately, vaping has found itself on this list.

It is very easy for individuals to plan property thefts as they hang out at their favorite vaping joint to enjoy modern vaping devices. Speaking of modern vapes, you can get one from the ePuffer homepage.

Running Away from Home

Over the past few years as vaping has been introduced around the globe, the number of vapers including children and even adults who are running away from their homes has tremendously increased.

Joining vaping social circles can easily influence people into certain behavior, which can be as extreme as running away from home. More so, people who feel like they are denied an opportunity to vape at home would prefer to do it away from their parents or family.


When a person is high, their inhibitions are reduced. Vaping harder substances than nicotine such as large amounts of marijuana affects the brain as any other traditional drug would. If a vaper decides to deliberately damage a person’s or business’s property, vaping might have played a role.


Have you ever found a person in your home garden shouting and babbling things that do not even make sense? What did you do? There are numerous cases all around the world of people trespassing and causing a commotion. Do not be surprised to find out that this might just be another role of vaping in criminal behavior.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of things people do that can be categorized as criminal behavior related to vaping. Being involved in violence, stealing property, running away from home, vandalism, and trespassing are just a few. But this is not always the case. Importantly, most people who vape and meet in social circles discuss and engage in constructive things and activities.