Main Rules for Writing a Paper About the Mafia

Professors assign essays in college to assess and evaluate the progress of a student in the class. History essays aim at testing a wide range of skills including understanding, interpretation, planning, research, and putting everything together. To craft a compelling essay, you need to examine the question and understand the requirements, acquire critical information through research and construct an organized response.

Writing a history essay should be challenging and rigorous even for top-performing students. Like any other skill, essay writing is developed and improved gradually through practice and consistency. Every essay that you work on helps you become confident and competent. To learn how to write about Mafia, here are the cardinal rules.

1.      Start with a plan

If this is your first time writing a history essay, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of the main topic. A historical essay describes an argument or claim about one or multiple events. You then look for information that supports the claim.

How do you start the process of writing a history research essay? You should never start researching or writing until you’ve come up with a clear written plan. Once you receive the guidelines and questions, take a couple of minutes to think about it and start working. Grab a rough notebook and a pen and start brainstorming in an undistracted spot.

Write down your thoughts about the question and possible responses. Figure out what needs to be covered in your paper. And the relevant concepts that you’ve studied in class. The internet will also help you with this. Figure out the events, issues, and individuals connected to the paper.

At this point, it will be important for you to write an outline for your essay. Mention all key points that you’ll write in your paragraphs. This will help you stay on track till the end. You’ll also minimize the chances of you missing out on important details.

2.      Conduct extensive research

With a plan in hand, you should have a clear idea of how to write your historical essay. You need to dive deep into historical journals and pages on the internet to find what you want. You should know the sources that you need to use while researching. If you don’t, you need professional help with essay immediately. Keep in mind that not all websites and journals are reputable. Some of the credible sources that you should consider using include:

  • Google Cultural Institute
  • EuroDocs
  • World Digital Library
  • Internet History Sourcebook Project

Most students start by looking at the overview of the topic. Use the most recent sources to understand the issue together with other secondary sources that have been verified. Doing this will provide a foundation for your research process.

Your research will start taking shape from this point. You need to identify terms and concepts that you are unfamiliar with but should be included in the essay. Don’t use a single source while researching. Instead, be creative and look in different places. Figure out the issues that flow from this topic. If you get stuck, you should ask for your tutor’s help.

3.      Write a great intro

You need to focus on developing a contention. Failing to do this will make it difficult for you to get good grades. A contention is the main idea or central argument of your essay. It is the focal point of your essay and answers the central questions of your essay. The main idea should be comprised of a single sentence.

Next, start writing an informative and captivating introduction. This section helps in explaining to the reader the mafia topic that you are writing. What should they expect to find in your essay? The intro is an important paragraph because it determines whether readers develop an interest in reading the essay till the end. If your intro bores the reader, you can expect to perform poorly. It should sound clear, punchy, and confident.

4.      Write the body and conclusion

You should have an essay structure to have an easy time writing. Before you start the writing process, you need to organize your paragraphs using either chronological or thematic methods. This means that you should be writing in a way that covers various events and topics based on relevance and significance. Apart from this, you should write in order of occurrences. Instead of writing small paragraphs concisely, focus on giving packed and detailed evidence. You should conclude your history paper effectively. A well-written conclusion should reiterate your essay’s contention.


Writing history research college essays is difficult and time-consuming. However, your work will be easy if you follow the tips that we’ve outlined in this article. You should always write in the third person. The essay should be supported by solid evidence and reputable evidence. Your feelings or opinions shouldn’t be included when writing a historical essay.

You should be vigilant when you write your essay. Ensure that you write in the past tense since you are looking into the past. Finally, do your best to avoid generalizations. You should avoid making general assumptions and conclusions. After writing your research paper, go through it several times to eliminate grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

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