The Kansas City Mob Tour App by Gary Jenkins

The Kansas City Mob Tour App by Gary Jenkins


The Kansas City Mob Tour App by Gary Jenkins

Most of you that follow the NCS will already be familiar with the name Gary Jenkins. We first interviewed the former Kansas City Intelligence Unit Detective and owner of Gangland Wire, back in July 2015. Since then we teamed up with him and he has become a big part of the team here at the NCS.

Now, if you live in or around Kansas City and express an interest in the Mafia then you really need to download the Kansas City Mob Tour App (click the link below):

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Kansas City may not be on the most prominent places that springs to mind when we think of the Mafia, but trust us when we say that the City has a dark past. From the likes of Nicholas Civella to William Cammisano, from the Union Station Massacre to The Virginia Inn. It’s all covered in the tour.

What Does the App Do?

Kansas City Mob Tour App

Kansas City Mob Tour App

If you want to find out where mobsters used to do business, collect their race results, socialize, and commit crimes in Kansas City then the app will take you to these places. Along with these tour guides you get access to clips from the documentary films, Blackhand Strawman and Gangland Wire.

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