Gangland Wire Offering You The Chance to Record Opening Podcast Announcement

One of the team here at the NCS, Former Kansas City Police Officer, Gary Jenkins, who also runs the very successful Gangland Wire, is giving you the chance to get your voice on his podcast show.

All you need to do is record an opening announcement for the show, that he can use and send to Yes, it really is as simple as that.

Simply record yourself saying:

“My name is ________ from ________ and I love Gangland Wire Crime Stories.”

Or My name is _______ from _____ , a big welcome to Gangland Wire Crime Stories.”

Or get original and make up your own GWCS welcome.

Note: You dont need any special equipment for this, a computer mic, or even an audio app on your phone will do the job.

Alternative: Upload Your MP3 Here

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