The Worst Mob Bosses of all Time – By Public Vote

worst mob bosses


We have done the top mob bosses of all time, the most brutal of all time, and many other polls over the years. One we haven’t done, is the worst mob bosses of all time. So, a week ago we put the question out there, and let you decide between yourselves on who the worst mob bosses were. We had over 215 responses on the poll, and here are the results…

The top 3 as you can see from our headline image were:

John Gotti – 41%
Nicky Scarfo – 14%
Paul Castellano – 11%

The other 6 mob bosses in order of votes were:

Vic Amuso – 9%
Vito Genovese – 7%
Joe Massino – 7%
Carmine Galante – 6%
Sam Giancana – 3%
Joe Colombo – 2%

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