In times past, it would not be uncommon to associate the mafia with casinos, and this idea was something that was broadly accepted by the general public. Of course, with the mafia not being as prevalent today as it was in the past, this isn’t the case as much now.

However, there is some truth to the common notion that the mafia had some level of involvement in casinos, and in fact, this may even extend further than you expect. Let’s take a look at just how involved the mafia was with the casino industry in the past.

Backrooms & VIP Tables

It would be outright ignorant to not admit that the mafia had some level of involvement with the entertainment industry. Perhaps most notably, there are a ton of Vegas hotels that the mafia run that brought an insane amount of profit into the criminal enterprise’s lap, and they didn’t just stop at hotels.

To get straight to the point of the article; yes. The mafia was heavily tied to the casino industry in the past. There are a plethora of famous mafia controlled casinos that were known worldwide for being exactly that, and in fact, said casinos were some of the best in the world.

However, that is not to say the same thing can be said for the present day, and as you are about to find out, things have changed drastically from how they used to be.

Things Have Changed

If you take a look at any popular digital gambling enterprise like the online casino Canada platform, it can be easy to see why the mafia’s influence over the entertainment industry may have dwindled. With the introduction of the internet and modern technology, there was no way for the mafia to keep up with all the new digital casinos that were opening their doors, and their grasp over the industry came crashing down in an instant.

Of course, there is still the topic of regular casinos, and there is no doubt that the mafia still plays a role in the industry. However, since the major crackdowns that took place with aim of diminishing the mafia’s power, this is no way near to the level it used to be.

Whichever way you look at it, the mafia has little to no influence on the casino industry, especially when compared to their past ambitions. Things well and truly have changed and for the betterment to the industry as a whole.

If you came into this article with the expectation to hear that the mafia used to, and still does run the entire casino industry, then you are most likely going to leave disappointed. Sure, the mafia may have had their hands in a few notorious casinos in times past, and it would be an understatement to say that they had some level of involvement.

However, in the grand scheme of things, this notion is overly glorified, and the casino industry would have still thrived with or without their involvement.