On this day in 1981 Dominick Napolitano, better known as Sonny Black was killed by order of the mob for allowing an FBI agent to breach Mafia security.

He of course is well known to many through the film Donnie Brasco, in which he allowed FBI Agent Joe Pistone to become an associate in the Bonanno Crime Family during the 1970’s, and nearly getting him made.

The two developed a close friendship during Pistone’s infiltration, and they would often spend a lot of time together during the 6 year spell. It was only when Napolitano ordered Pistone to make his bones by killing Bruno Indelicato that the FBI stepped in and told Napolitano that Pistone was really an FBI agent.

Knowing that his time was up when he was summoned to a meeting in the basement of Ron Filocomo‘s house in Brooklyn, Napolitano decided to start making his plans…

He gave his jewelry to a bartender at the Motion Lounge, along with his keys so his pigeons could be looked after.

Motion Lounge
The Motion Lounge

Napolitano was then escorted by Bonanno capo Frank Lino and Steven Cannone to the house.

Bonanno capo Frank Lino a
Bonanno capo Frank Lino

He was taken down into the basement and shot with .38 caliber pistols by Filocomo and Lino. However, the first shot misfired to which Napolitano shouted:

“Hit me one more time and make it good!”

Frank Coppa and Frank Lino both ended up turning informants in 2006, and Coppa explained to FBI agents that Napolitano:

“Died like a man”

He was 51 years old.