On This Day in 1933 Vincent Cafaro was Born

On This Day in 1933 Vincent Cafaro was Born

On this day in 1933 the protege of Fat Tony Salerno would be born. Vincent Cafaro was a high-ranking member of the Genovese Crime Family during the 70’s and 80’s.

In 1986 he was indicted with 14 other members of the Mafia for racketeering charges, and whilst serving his time in jail awaiting trial he decided to turn informant. During the next few years he would wear a wire during family sit downs. He would later go on to testify about Genovese family operations and opened up about Tony Salerno being just a figurehead for the actual boss, Vincent Gigante.

By 1987 he no longer wanted to answer questions for fear of a Mafia retaliation on his family. His last act was to testify against Gambino crime boss John Gotti before he went into Witness protection around 1990.

He is now 81 years old.