Through Their Eyes Thursday: Vito Corleone

My name is Vito Corleone. Above all I am a Family man. A man of honor, a man of respect. I’ve done my best for my family in the best way I knew. I’ve played the hand I was given as best I could. I lived my life my way, never dancing on a string like a puppet. I lived by a code. Women and children are exempt from this life we lead. I’m the Father of four sons, one I’ve taken in from a disadvantaged life and helped groom him to be the best in the field in which he showed most promise, law. I have a daughter, my pride and joy, Connie, who is maybe the only one who can get one over on me.

My dealings bring me into contact with a terrible side of humanity the average person wouldn’t see in a lifetime. I have powerful friends, which I’ve built up in a network over a long period of time. I think of myself as a great friend and confidant, even Godfather. But become my enemy and the world becomes a small, terrible place to live.

Family is my priority. Friends, are a close second. Friendship is as close to family as one can have without the blood tie. I keep people on the outside untill they gain my trust over a very long period of time. I try see two steps ahead all the time. Im calm, yet calculated, kind yet ruthless. I have a set of principles i adhere to and i expect my “Family” to follow suit.

A rule i have always lived by goes along the lines of “Keep your Friend’s close, but your enemies closer”…

Gar O'brien