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Being a mobster is hard and dangerous, as the risk of being murdered is very high. Even though there is always a chance to be shot by the police, mobsters have a lot of enemies. They can be killed by competitors who want to spread their influence or protect personal interests.

Also, mobsters can be executed by their bosses and colleagues for unacceptable misconducts like betraying or stealing.

In the post, you will find the most widespread ways of murdering used by the mafia worldwide.


Mobsters are often illustrated with Tommy Gun or handguns. Almost all mafia members had firearms, and guns were frequently used for executions. It’s a small weapon that can kill in a blink of an eye. All that is required to do is to pull the trigger.

Thereupon, this way of killing was widely used by the mafia around the world. However, mobsters weren’t shy to bring sawed-off guns and shoot in the faces of their enemies. This method was used to scare others with its atrocity.


As well as firearms, almost all mobsters had knives. In developing countries, it was the primary weapon used by criminals. It was widely utilized for executions since it’s cheap and can be used stealthily. Consequently, a victim couldn’t even suspect about the upcoming homicide.

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This way of execution is simple but wasn’t widely utilized by the mafia. It was applied only when a victim was tied up. In other ways, it was one of the least effective forms of murder.


Fighting among the mafia members was common. However, according to stats and records, beating is also a very popular way of execution. Mobsters beat their victims to death with brass knuckles, bats, and metal sticks. It’s a cruel method of execution.


Mobsters didn’t widely use this way of murdering for killing. Poisoning was used as a way of execution in developing countries in the Middle East and Asia. Poison can be produced from cheap ingredients with no hassle or extracted from plants and animals.

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This one is also a very cinematic way of execution of the mafia that wasn’t widespread. As usual, victims got heavy items tied to their necks and were forced to drown. However, the most famous way of execution by the mafia was by using cement shoes.


It is an unusual way of murdering, but it was used by mobsters all around the world, anyway. In such a case, a victim was hit by a car at high speed for quick murdering. Alternatively, they were tied to rails and killed by a train.

Pushing from Height

This way of execution was used in big cities or rocky terrains. The mafia pushed victims from high peaks or buildings so that gravity killed them. The height of 30 feet and more is deadly for most people.


It’s an old way of execution that was also used by mobsters all around the world. This type of murdering is quiet, cheap, and leaves no blood spots on the floor.

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Bombing and Burning

These extraordinary ways of execution were used not only for murdering but also for intimidation. All burning and bombing cases always became publicized, which was a type of massage for all enemies.

Concluding Words

The life of the mafia wasn’t easy. Most mobsters didn’t build long-term plans in their lives as they were surrounded by violence and deaths. The most widespread of execution methods in the post above proves that. Thereupon, if you don’t want to end up your life being murdered, avoid any connections with the mafia in your life.