Everyone has heard of the mafia today. In 1860, this word entered the Italian language. And in 1866, it was used by the British consul in Sicily, who reported to the leadership about juntas elected by the mafia, which participate in the income of workers and maintain contacts with criminals. This area is interesting enough to be the focus of an essay. But which topics will grab your teacher’s attention? Let’s take a look at them in the following post.

History Topics on the Mafia

  1. Secret associations that appeared against the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation.
  2. The connection of the Bourbon dynasty and the mafia.
  3. How was the gabellotti organization founded?
  4. Did the mafia appear because Sicilian peasants felt helpless and humiliated?
  5. How did the latifundia system influence the appearance of the mafia?
  6. How did Brydone Patrick describe the mafia in his book “Viaggio in Sicilia e a Malta” (“Travels in Sicily and Malta”)?
  7. What methods were used in the fight against the mafia during the reign of Mussolini?
  8. Was the mafia the only reliable source of intelligence for American troops during the Second World War?
  9. How did the post-war construction boom in Italy contribute to the further growth of the mafia?
  10. What affected the arrest of the godfather Bernardo Provenzano in 2006?

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Topics About the Most Powerful Mafias in the World

  1. What is the influence of Cosa Nostra on Italy?
  2. Why do the members of the Cosa Nostra organization become almost invulnerable to the law in Italy?
  3. How was the Yamaguchi-gumi formed, and why?
  4. How has the Yamaguchi-gumi launched extensive activities not only in Japan but also in other countries in Asia and the United States?
  5. Why is it believed that wandering monks are at the origin of the Chinese criminal organizations known as the Triads?
  6. How was the 14K group created?
  7. How was the Mara Salvatrucha street gang organized?
  8. What is the main goal of the Mara Salvatrucha criminal syndicate?
  9. Who were the creators of La Eme?
  10. What was the purpose of the La Eme formation?
  11. The structure of the La Eme organization.
  12. Why did the Gambino mafia clan become famous?
  13. What were the ethical rules the Gambino mafia followed for a long time?
  14. How did the mafia help Italian businesses during the coronavirus?
  15. Why has the mafia always offered food aid to those in need?
  16. How is the Italian mafia connected with buying votes?
  17. How do global crises help the mafia to become stronger?
  18. The connection of the mafia and cheap loans with low interest rates.
  19. Why does the government need to get ahead of the mafia in financial assistance?
  20. What can be done to stop the mafia?

These topics will be of great help to you when writing an essay about the mafia. Pick one of them, and you will experience the joy of writing an interesting paper. Good Luck!