The old-school Italians aren’t necessarily known for being open to anything in the world of LGBT, but that doesn’t mean they would be outright rude to someone who wanted to patronize their eateries. Italian restaurants are places where families come together to share a meal and relax with cooking so good that it can only be homemade. Take a look at some of the places where a trans person can feel safe and comfortable eating a meal.

  1. Osteria Bonelli in Rome

Osteria Bonelli is a lovely restaurant in Rome, but it’s not a place that tourists visit often. This is a place that locals know, and that makes it perfect for transgender people who would value the privacy that comes with going to a place that is out of the way compared to others. The specialties at this place include homemade favorites like pasta with wild boar ragu along with a variety of exotic meats. This is a great place to go after you find a date using a website for tg dating. The privacy of the trans dating service will help you and your match build confidence in each other and then take time to meet up in a lovely, private location like Osteria Bonelli. Although Rome is filled with people on vacation, this venue can help you get away from the crowds and focus on one another.

  1. La Sponda at La Sirenuse, Florence

Florence is often the third city that people think of visiting when they go to Italy behind Rome and Sicily. That makes the amazing restaurants found here hidden gems, one and all. In the case of La Sponda at La Sirenuse, there is no dining experience quite like this available today. The terrace of this restaurant opens up onto the waters, where you can see straight across the water to the Siren Islands. The view is so breathtaking that your worries will melt away, and that’s before you’re given some of the best Italian foods you’ve ever had! Being so close to the water, the restaurant specializes in seafood. Shrimp, risotto with capers, and many kinds of fish are available each day. They taste so fresh that you’ll believe the owners went to the beaches and caught the fish themselves that morning!

  1. La Fraschetta di Sandro, Rome

This cozy tavern setting will help transgender couples feel at ease with its small seats and family-owned atmosphere. This small tavern setting is an obvious inspiration for many restaurants in other parts of the world, evoking a feeling that you’re surrounded by family. To some, it may even look like the type of place that mafia guys would meet at before they meet an ill fate. Don’t worry, though—this is an especially safe area of Rome, so you can rest easy and enjoy the food. While we’re on the topic of food, La Fraschetta di Sandro has much to offer. This is a true fraschetta, so all the wine they serve is made on their own family farm. You can get basic lunches, including cold cuts or a fancy dinner with homemade eggplant and potatoes. This is a hole-in-the-wall place, and it’s worth checking out for the drinks only!

  1. Club del Doge Restaurant, Venice

When you’re with your tg partner and wish to try some true Venetian food with a beautiful waterfront view, Club del Doge is a great place to check out. They serve amazing pasta meals, soups, fish, and desserts that will entice your senses and make you wish you could be here every day. The lovely layout of this restaurant is perfect for a first date or an unforgettable experience, like a proposal!

  1. Il Paggio, Florence

Last but not least, you need to consider Il Paggio in Florence. Why this place and not another more famous location? The answer is simple: this place is a One Michelin Star restaurant that specializes in serving generous portions of local dishes such as braised lamb and steamed sea bass. The dessert menu is delicious and eclectic, making it perfect for people with unique tastes and a desire to try something new!

All of these restaurants are more private and intimate compared with the large touristy places in Italy. Bring your partner to them for a comfortable dining experience.

Finding a comfortable place to date a trans individual might feel challenging from time to time. That is why most trans relationships start on the internet, where private conversations are easier to have. When the time comes to meet, you’ll love all these restaurant options in Italy. They have food, comfortable environments, and people who know how to keep to themselves. The atmosphere combined with the amazing food will have you and your partner loving every minute you spend in these locations!