Top Italian Parks for Older People to Walk

Top Italian Parks for Older People to Walk

Italy is arguably the most romantic country in the world. A lot of couples visit it to strengthen their relationships while traveling. Romantic parks, beautiful buildings, food, and wine attract a lot of older couples too. According to the guys who made a granniestomeet review we know which parks are the most suitable and beautiful for older people on a walking date in Italy.. We know which parks are the most suitable and beautiful for older people on Italy’s walking date.

The List of Parks

In the next couple of minutes, we’ll show you 5 beautiful parks in Italy you have to visit with your partner. Choose those that suit you the best and start planning your vacation.

Adrian Park – Let the Angels Follow Your Steps

All the roads lead to Rome, and everybody who visits that legendary city should visit Adrian Park. It’s a big garden around the Castel Sant’Angelo in the center of Rome. Since it’s free to enter, it’s popular among locals and tourists. Older people like it because it’s easy to walk around. You’ll love it because of that and many beautiful plants, marvelous statues of angels and the romantic atmosphere. Castel Sant’Angelo will add even more romance to your walk, so you’ll go to Adrian Park more than once.

Sacro Bosco – Walk Among Monsters with Your Date by Your Side

Sacro Bosco doesn’t get enough credit for its beauty and uniqueness. Have you ever been to a park full of old sculptures of monsters, animals, and mythological creatures? Even if your answer is yes, that park isn’t as romantic as Sacro Bosco. You can walk freely and discover all the massive sculptures. When you get tired, choose a bench and enjoy the atmosphere. Nature mixed with art used to attract some world-famous artists like Salvador Dali and Goethe to Sacro Bosco. Go for a walk there, and you might feel the same magic they found in this special place.

Sempione Park – Romantic Oasis in the Middle of Milan

Milan is one of the most famous cities globally, and Sempione Park is one of its (not so hidden) gems. In the center of Milan, you can spend time walking with your partner in a peaceful park full of attractions. The Castello Sforzesco is something you need to see to get reminded of how small people are and that we don’t last forever. That will bring you and your partner closer together, so enjoy every second you get together. You can start by walking the whole route in Sempione Park. Start from the Castello Sforzesco and finish at Arco Della.

Monza Park – the Biggest Walled Park For Your Big Love

Monza Park is one of the biggest attractions in Lombardy. It’s popular among young people, families, older people and couples. Even if you’re the most passionate walker ever, it will take you forever to walk across Monza Park. It’s the biggest walled park in Europe with a massive size of 688 hectares.

Luckily, you don’t have to see the whole park to feel its energy. You won’t have a desire to do it. Big green areas will relax you, so you’ll forget you’re walking after a while. When you snap out of the spell Monza Park will surely put on you, take your date to see the farm. Finishing the waking date with a fresh, homemade yogurt is always a good thing especially if you get to see the cows and donkeys who’re giving milk for it.

Pollino National Park – The Walking Date Under The Southern Alps

Pollino National Park is the biggest national park in Italy and arguably the most romantic. The Pollino massif is responsible for the park’s name, but there are many more natural attractions to see there. The whole park is cut with hiking trails, so active people love spending free time there. Nothing is more romantic than cuddling with your partner surrounded by trees and overlooked by mountains. When you add natural sounds to the picture, you get a fairy tale atmosphere.

Of course, as an older couple, you’ll have to choose hiking trails according to your fitness level. But don’t worry, Pollino National Park will have a lot to offer to you, your partner, and your relationship.

There are thousands of places in Italy where you can have a romantic walk, but nothing beats a walk in a park. The perfect blend of nature, art, and architecture gives parks special energy. We listed 5 parks that are 100% suitable for older people to have a walking date there. Just remember to open your heart while walking there hand-in-hand with your partner; those Italian parks will pour a lot of love into it.