The Most Common Fetishes for English and Italian People

The Most Common Fetishes for English and Italian People

Everybody has some fetish, at least to some degree. Italian and English people aren’t any different, but some fetishes occur more often in those 2 countries than you’d expect. With the team’s help, which develops fetish dating sites in UK and Italy, we learned the most common fetishes for these two nationalities.

List of Fetishes

If you’re ready to find out some common kinky fetishes, Italians and English people have, keep reading. Even if you aren’t ready, keep reading because you’ll realize you enjoy some of the stuff we’ll describe. We’ll start with a classic.

Foot Fetish

Most people think that foot fetish is the most common of all, but it isn’t it. Still, 14% of people are into feet, many of them are from Italy or the UK. Foot fetish has levels like every other fetish. Some people are aroused just by looking at feet they find attractive. Some need more action to make it work, so many English and Italian people enjoy being pleased by somebody’s feet. Foot fetish has a branch called foot worshiping. That’s when a submissive person worships the feet of their dominant partner, literally. Feet sucking, stomping, and even toe penetration aren’t uncommon among people with a foot fetish.


Quirofilia is a fancy name for something so similar but still so different from a foot fetish – the hand fetish. It’s very common among Italian people, not so much in the UK, but many Brits like hands. Italians may have developed a hand fetish because of their cuisine and gesticulation. Who wouldn’t fall for beautiful hands waving around while making food or during a conversation? But of course, that’s the mildest version of quirofilia (not limited to cooking or any certain activity. Different people like seeing their partners do different things.)

Other than watching, hand fetish includes handjobs and fingering. Fisting is a fetish on its own, but usually, people with hand fetish like fisting as well. Some couples combine quirofilia with an impact play fetish. If your partner is into hands and likes spanking, you’ve been doing that too.

Role Play

We all like to pretend we’re somebody else from time to time. Doing that in the bedroom is even more fun, at least for people with the role play fetish. Italian and English people are seemingly very open-minded when it comes to fetishes, so role-playing is something everybody did at least once. Some singles and couples play different scenarios every time; others create alter-egos. Some use costumes; others stick to the imagination and dirty talking. In the end, everybody has fun, so a lot of experts recommend role-playing as a spice in dull relationships.

Nylon Clothes

Who doesn’t love to see a hot body squeezed in tight nylon? Well, most Italians and English people do (at least to some level). If you see somebody in nylon yoga pants and you can’t erase that picture from your mind for days, you officially have a nylon fetish. That’s amazing because it’s so much fun. Wearing tight (usually black or red) nylon clothes is as far as most people go. Tearing the partner’s clothes, or taking it off slowly, gets people with nylon clothes extremely aroused. Most Italians and Brits with nylon clothes fetish enjoy wearing it too. Men usually wear nylon underwear, while ladies wear simple nylons or full-body costumes.

When you know the 4 most common fetishes among British and Italian people, you know what to expect if you meet somebody there. Also, you can discover interesting fetishes by yourself using special services like the KinkD app.