John Dillinger Oil Painting: Public Enemy Number One

John Dillinger may have only been 31 years old at the time of his death, and that death may have occurred over 80 years ago now, but you can’t argue that the legacy he has left behind has imprinted his name deep into the annals of organized crime history. There’s something you just have to like about him, whether that was his charming persona and confident swagger, or the fact that during the severe worldwide economic depression (better known as the The Great Depression), he was immortalized by the public as a Robin Hood figure.

Or was it the fact that behind that gentleman facade a cold-hearted killer was lurking, who had a record of robbing 24 banks, 4 police stations, and escaping from the Lake County Indiana jail in broad daylight.

Whatever the reason, Dillinger was one of history’s most interesting characters. So interesting in fact, that we have had him expertly made into a unique hand painted oil portrait, after all, we are here to preserve the history of organized crime so we decided to transform a picture into a painting, which seemed the perfect way to highlight that.

John Dillinger Oil Painting

The end result was the framed painting you see above. We simply sent the photo to Portaits on Demand, which was then used by one of their talented artists to craft this timeless piece of ‘The Jackrabbit’ during a 1930’s mug shot.

A Closer Look at the Portrait

The 40cm x 50cm portrait of America’s First Public Enemy Number One, is set into a black 3cm Portobello stepped frame.

John Dillinger Oil Painting

The attention to detail is breathtaking, from individual hair strands, to the pattern of his tie. Nothing was left out. What really stands out is how much like the photo of John Dillinger this painting is, the slight grin, the look in his eyes, the position of his tie. Everything is brought to life in this piece by the artist.

So you will see that investing in an oil painting like we have done, will make for the perfect birthday present or Christmas gift. Even if getting a John Dillinger portrait isn’t for you, the quality and craftsmanship will make for an ideal commemoration of a loved one, a wedding canvas to treasure your special day, or you can even bring an old family dog back to life if you wish.

We know for starters that Casey, the head admin here at the NCS, will already be sizing up a few Frank Costello photos so he can get his hands on a unique bit of art for over at Uncle Frank’s place.

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