While there are still countries that criminalize consensual same-sex conduct, things are gradually getting better for the members of the LGBTQ community. It is quite heartening to see that same-sex marriage has already been legalized across most of Western Europe. Even in Italy, which has always opposed those beliefs because of its historical ties to the Roman Catholic Church, people gradually recognize same-sex civil unions. However, you would not find a large number of gay guys dating in Central and Eastern Europe because most people oppose this practice. But, if you talk about how homosexuality is in the USA, you will be quite satisfied with how things are unfolding.

Homosexual Dating in Italy

In 2020, the lower parliament in Italy approved a bill to criminalize any incitement to discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It also increases funding for a certain project that would help prevent violence based on gender identity. With some support becoming available, homosexual dating in Italy is getting better by the day, which is probably why people are heading towards online gay dating sites to find a mate.

Gay Dating in the USA

Gay guys in the USA are finding it much easier than before to connect with like-minded people. Although there is so much to improve, it seems society, in general, is becoming more tolerant towards gay people. In a survey conducted in 2012, only 3.5% of adults identified them as LGBT, but the percentage increased to 5.6% in 2020.

In fact, San Francisco has always been heralded as the gay capital of the United States, but you will notice that liberal New York is becoming a lot more gay-friendly quite quickly. The Stonewall riots that launched the gay rights movement in the late 60’s also started in NYC. Today, from Hell’s Kitchen to West and East Villages, NYC is considered a great place for gay dating. Add online dating sites to the equation and get a complete picture of why homosexual dating is becoming more and more popular in the US.

Other than the US, you can find many other well-loved liberal ports around the world where you would never have to worry about being mobbed for showing your love for gay people. Sao Paulo, Toronto, Mykonos, Brighton, and San Francisco are surely the most popular destinations, but new entrants are making things more exciting. For instance:

  • Tel Aviv: It is known for its quality beaches and cafes; this liberal city has an impressive LGBTQ population. It would not be wrong to call it the gay capital of the Middle East. You can easily find free gay city tours and even enjoy events such as Tel Aviv Pride Week.
  • Berlin: Ask anyone to sum up the homosexual dating scene in Germany, and they would say “liberal sex scene, wild nightlife, and hot Germans.” Berlin keeps you busy with its gay-friendly bars, clubs, and saunas. Gay museums are also quite entertaining to visit.
  • Melbourne: This cosmopolitan capital is always on the list of the best gay-friendly destinations around the world. You can find a Pride Centre dedicated solely to LGBT culture. You can even attend several LGBT events from Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Even the nearby town of Daylesford connects you with the large population of gay people.

So many gay dating sites are now available with an extensive database of singles seeking opportunities to try some same-sex action. But, even if you are on a cool dating site, remember the following tips to improve your chances of enjoying gay online dating:

  • Online dating works when you are ready to date outside your “type.” It is okay to be specific but do not limit yourself to your “preferences” and exclude a whole group of people because of that.
  • Take your time to judge the reputation of the site you are using. With homosexual dating becoming popular in the US, new sites are making their entries, but not all are created equal. Read reviews, do some research, and then sign up.
  • Have a video chat or try Facetime before you decide to have a meeting. A brief yet playful video chat session would help you know your partner better.
  • Never try to force attraction when it is evident that things are not working out well. Know that homosexual dating is becoming more popular in the US, and on a good dating site, there are hundreds of other potential partners to consider.

The fact of the matter is that online dating has now become a multibillion-dollar industry serving people looking for all types of dating, including homosexual dating. The substantial change in American’s views towards people who identify as LGBT has a role to play in the evolution of online dating and made it even more popular than in Italy. The shift in the legal landscape for LGBT, including through a Supreme Court decision that legalizes same-sex marriage, is another reason why homosexual dating is becoming very popular in the US. But, if you have just come out of the closet and looking for a partner, make sure to sign up on online dating sites and do not forget to use some tips to put your love life on the right track.