Technology has had a massive impact on every industry, including the gambling and casino industry. Today, if you tell someone that you want to play a casino game, there can suggest their favorite online casino because casinos have brought their services to the people. With login credentials and a funding method (credit card, bank account, or cryptocurrency wallet), you can deposit, play, and withdraw your winnings without stepping out of your door.

Artificial Intelligence is not new. The concept is implemented by teaching computers how to think, learn and perform other cognitive functions similar to humans. Thanks to machine learning, computers are becoming increasingly better at performing cognitive tasks. The applications of artificial intelligence are endless, and they are impacting nearly every industry. Here are seven ways that Artificial Intelligence will affect the casino industry.

  1. Change customer service delivery

Artificial intelligence has positively impacted how industries communicate and interact with their customers. Chatbots are revolutionizing the customer support industry. They allow casinos to be able to interact with their customers 24/7, even when their customer care personnel is not at work. This ability to respond in a timely fashion to customers’ requests helps win their customers’ loyalty.

They help the casinos’ customer support staff by handling the conventional queries so that they are left to address the questions that need human assistance. This will be particularly useful as casinos attract new players daily, and they may eventually have more customers than they can handle comfortably. It is no longer shocking to see chatbots on websites as they are a great way of delegating, and they may soon become part and parcel of every single casino website.

  1. Spot and stop cheaters

AI can analyze large parcels of data and find patterns and insights from the analysis. It is, therefore, possible to spot players who are cheating because of their playing or winning patterns. Therefore, casinos can use AI to protect themselves by spotting and stopping these cheaters before they cause too much damage.

  1. Spot problem gamblers early

According to data from the National Centre for Responsible Gaming, approximately 1% of the US population is addicted to gambling. Furthermore, they approximate that 6% – 9% of young people and young adults may be addicted to gambling. Thanks to AI’s analysis capabilities, it is possible for casinos to spot troubling patterns in gambling addicts.

There are several ways casinos can choose to handle this information once they have it. They can then decide to warn these people of their troubling patterns and let them decide what they will do with that information. They can choose to cut players with problematic patterns off. They can also choose to do nothing as most gamblers are expected to be of legal age and responsible for their actions. In the future, regulations may be put on how casinos can handle such information, but for now, it would be entirely up to the casino.

  1. Analyze data collected

A lot of data is collected on casino websites and applications. While it may be nearly impossible for humans to analyze all this data manually, AI can easily do that. The insights from data collected can be used to serve several purposes:

  1. It can help casinos predict players’ future behavior based on their past behavior. Such information can be applied in several ways, including assisting casinos to stop cybercrimes. For example, if the withdrawal patterns of certain players are known, weird withdrawal patterns can be spotted, and transactions stopped.
  2. It can be used to tailor-make games that have the features many players have shown interest in.
  3. They can make their players’ experience better by analyzing how they behave on their websites and optimizing the websites or apps to these behaviors.

The goal of data analysis is to help casinos offer better service to the players.

  1. Help in marketing

AI has had a massive impact on marketing. One of the major impacts is by getting personalized ads in front of interested customers. For example, rather than Fair Go casino sending out blanket ads to everyone, casinos can get their ads placed in front of customers who are already showing interest in gambling, increasing their conversion chances.

  1. Make games more challenging.

Because AI deals with machine learning, it will have a huge impact on the player vs. computer/bot game modes. This may put the odds back in the casino’s favor because as the machine learns how the game is played, it can start playing better. This may negatively impact players, though, as games may become too difficult to play, discouraging them from playing.

  1. Lead to changes in regulations

As casinos continue incorporating AI into their systems, it may be necessary for regulations to change to protect both casinos and players. For example, laws can specify how hard game levels can be, so casinos don’t get an unfair advantage. Another example would be casinos being required to report problem players. There is no doubt that regulations will have to change when AI becomes the new normal in Casinos.


Casinos can improve the quality of service they offer to their players by using AI technology. If well incorporated, AI technology can improve many aspects of casinos while simultaneously protecting the players and the casinos.