Most law-abiding citizens will never be in the position where they have to interact with the mob. However, there are certain situations or professions that may require that you come face to face with a notorious gangster. If you are a research writer, a private investigator, or an undercover enforcement officer, you may have reason to search out a conversation with a mob member.

The important thing to remember is to stay as far under the radar as possible. The mob does not look kindly on any type of law enforcement or officers of the justice system. However, they may have no issues talking about their personal experiences in vague terms.

When having or trying to foster a conversation with a mobster, you need to remember your place and maintain your confidence. No one wants to end up having to file a personal injury lawsuit with a reputable firm like The Tinker Law Firm PLLC after a conversation with the mob. Let’s take a look at a few tips for how to master the art of talking to the mob.

Reasons to Talk to the Mob

Gathering Information

  • The inner workings of gangs are hard to figure out. It’s hard to find a better source than gang members themselves.

Understanding the Culture

  • When you are called on to testify as an expert on gangs, it is beneficial for you to understand gang culture. If you are testifying in court, you will likely be asked if you have talked to members of the gangs to establish your expert testimony.

Positive Intervention

  • Positively intervening in someone’s life could have the potential to change their attitude towards gangs and steer them away from trouble.

Gaining Informants

  • It is impossible to predict who might be interested in becoming an employee or working with you on future cases.

Talking With Mobsters: DO’S

Find Common Ground

One of the best ice-breakers is sports. Whether you are a lawyer, tax collector or mob hit man, you probably have a favorite sports team or follow a particular sport. To help you make an introduction, you can talk about the current sports standings or remark about a game that is on a nearby television. 

One-On-One Opportunities

Facing a group of gangsters can be extremely intimidating and not conducive to getting the information that you need. To avoid being outcasts and losing the respect of the other mob members, they will be reluctant to reveal much to you in front of their peers. Finding random locations like a bar, bus stop, or restaurant are better one-on-one meeting places where you won’t have to face the pack mentality.

Talking With Mobsters: DON’TS

Talking the Talk

Even professional law enforcement officers often fail in their attempts to use street slang when talking to mob members. Gangsters have a language that is unique and is constantly changing to include code words and phrases that can take on different meanings. It’s likely to come off as disingenuous if you try to talk with a group of gangsters. It’s in your best interest to speak in plain language and just be yourself.

Guide the Conversation

Don’t allow yourself to be steered away from the subject of your conversation. Stay in awareness of your goals and stay on track. Gang members will often try to find out valuable intel through your conversation, so stay on topic as much as possible and don’t give out any important information.

It takes practice, a cool head, and confidence to master the art of talking with the Mob.