One if the biggest Hollywood stars to grace the screens of the 50’s and 60’s was the blonde bomb shell, Marilyn Monroe.

So what do we know? We know that she was dating both Robert and John F Kennedy, and she was also in relations with Chicago Outfit boss, Sam Giancana.

Sam Giancana had a major part in helping John F Kennedy get elected into the White House after his father Joe approached the Outfit for help. However, once the Kennedy’s got in they turned their back on the Chicago Outfit. Instead of repaying them, John decided to place his brother Robert in charge of bringing the mob down.

A lot of conspiracy theories look into the mobs involvement in the John F Kennedy assassination, and whilst we won’t delve too deep into that here, you can start to join the pieces together to see why the mob would plan assassinations of both John (1963) and Robert (1968).

Also, remember that Marilyn died in 1962 a year before the President was taken out.

Back to Marilyn, The Kennedy’s and Sam Giancana

The Kennedy’s were devote Catholics, and they were both married. Marilyn was sleeping with both brothers as well as outfit boss Sam Giancana. She knew a lot of secrets and lot of information; she also knew the connection between John F Kennedy and Sam Giancana. If stuff like this got out and went public it could cause a whole load of problems for everyone involved – more so the Kennedy’s as it could damage marriages and careers.

By 1962 Monroe was becoming frustrated that her relationships weren’t going anywhere and due to her drug addiction at the time she threatened to go public with all she knew and what she was doing.

Now rumor said that the Kennedy’s approach Giancana to take out Monroe.

John F Kennedy

This is where the lines start to blur as the relationship the Outfit had with the Kennedy’s was strained to say the least, and I can’t see Sam Giancana getting involved at this point. He would benefit more from this scandal coming out into the open as the Kennedy’s would end up out of office and disgraced. This meant that the heat would die down on the Outfit and they could go back to business as usual.

Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?

Whoever killed Monroe was a pro that is for sure, they took her drug addiction and used it to make it look like she had overdosed. But, it wasn’t the mob. It was certainly someone hired by John, Robert and possibly Joe to get rid of her and to stop her from talking. Monroe was found with empty medicine bottles by her bed and she was several times over the lethal limit.

Of course, no evidence of foul play has been found even with recent investigations – but that’s always going to be the case isn’t it?