Each of us has cravings and a long list of personal favourites. It does not matter whether we speak about food, hobbies, beloved movie genres, or topics we are generally interested in. We all have our routines and preferable activities. However, sometimes it is nice to venture into the unknown areas that might revive our leisure and bring some new tastes to familiar things. Slots are adored by many gambling enthusiasts. One of the most characteristic aspects of this game is that slot machines are customizable. Thus a mere experience of gambling can turn into an exciting adventure into numerous fields. It can be sports, music, favourite era or a comic book universe. Today we will focus on the popular casino slots that include gangster topics and everything related to this phenomenon. Prepare for risky businesses and glamorous crime syndicates on your way to a big win!

There are numerous slot machines that explore the gangster theme. Many of them are based on famous movies, others strive to create a certain atmosphere of the times filled with mafiosi, some concentrate on the specific city’s history with the topic.

Besides being visually engaging and adhering to the gangster theme, the slots should be able to do the basic function – bring you money. That’s why during our search, we choose only respectable slots from trustworthy software providers. They do not only look and feel good, they also have high RTP rankings and are safe to play.

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The Godfather

Nothing beats the classics. Hence our first choice – the Godfather slots. One simply cannot embark on gangster thematics without mentioning Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece. He single-handedly created a staple for any gangster representation in the media. The Godfather is a 5-reels video slot with 20/25 paylines and an RTP of 94.5%. Experience your beloved scenes from the mafia saga and hang out with characters like Luca Brassi, Philip Tattaglia, and, of course, Don Corleone. This is an offer you won’t be able to refuse, as the slots have multiple bonuses and prizes.



“Say hello to my little friend!” – this game is based on another classical gangster movie. Brilliant Al Pacino embodies the notorious gangster Tony Montana and his messy, murderous, yet fascinating story. This 3D-slot with 5-reels and 20 paylines by NetEnt has a payout rate of 96.8% and includes a lot of our favourite movie moments as well as an original soundtrack. You will definitely feel immersed in the world of this famous mob. It is good to know that you won’t need to do any of Tony Montana’s dirty work and can stay for the money and the excitement of the game.


Let’s imagine you want to win a bondibet casino no deposit bonus, but you also want to explore the world of mobs and gangsters from an unusual perspective. Enters the Dogfather, possibly the best mob game there is. “Why?” – you might ask. Well, because it is mafia-themed, but with dogs! What can be cuter than a bulldog mob with a cigar in his paws and a signature fedora hat of the era? The answer is nothing. Microgaming designed this gem with the idea of bringing the cuteness of animals into the gangster topic. With an RTP percentage of 95.52, it is a generous 5-reel 20 paylines game that is worth trying. Especially for all dog lovers out there.



Looking for an authentic mafia game with unique aesthetics? Your search is over! We are introducing Chicago slots developed by Novomatic. This sepia-coloured game recreates the feel of the gangster-filled Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century. 5 Chicago slots reels with 20 paylines can deliver great prizes and allow you to win 500x your initial bet with bonus rounds and multipliers. Good thing there are no technologies in bringing the smells into online gaming; otherwise, these slots would definitely smell of the expensive cigars, gunpowder and prohibited liquor.

Cops N’ Bandits

Looking for some fun silly-looking gangster slots? Cops N’ Bandits may be a good fit for you. Playtech has wisely chosen one of the most intriguing aspects of the mafia rhetoric – the thrill of the chase. The conflict between the police and the criminal elements is at the center of this slot machine plot. You are a member of the task force that was put in charge to dismantle a criminal syndicate terrorizing the city. Possessing a 95.31% RTP rate, this game might not be considered as serious, but it is certainly a profitable one.

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