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Gambino Hitman Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano – Spotted in Scottsdale

Sammy, who was released from prison last month after 17 years behind bars has been pictured sporting a brand new look. Gravano shook the underworld in the early 1990’s when he testified against over 39 members of the mob, including his own boss, John Gotti, as well as pleading guilty to the murders of 19 men. In return Sammy received a 5 year prison sentence for his cooperation. He was then taken back in 2002,…

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The Godfather Cast Reunited for 45th Year Anniversary

Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Robert DeNiro and Talia Shire are reunited for the first time in this 45th Anniversary special, thanks to Robert DeNiro who brought the cast back together for the Tribeca Film Festival a few months ago. The Godfather was directed by a young and talented Francis Ford Coppola, and first appeared on screens back in 1972, soon becoming an Oscar-winning film. The cast share some behind-the-scenes stories and secrets with…

It’s Official: “Our Thing” is Now at Raising The Bar Detroit

Alan Lindbloom’s ‘Our Thing’ clothing line touched down in Detroit this weekend, as plans roll-out for the label to take on nationwide coverage. This weekend the former Detroit Partnership enforcer saw his clothing line appear at a grand opening in Detroit, at the Raising The Bar clothes store, in what can only be said as an incredible achievement since he came out of a 13-year prison sentence, one year ago. Click an Image Below to…

Win a Swag Bag Worth $150 with Our Thing Apparel

If you live in Detroit and hold a keen interest then you probably already know about Alan Lindbloom. Well, this weekend you have the chance to win a swag bag worth $150 thanks to Our Thing Apparel. What’s in the Swag Bag? The contest giveaway includes a limited edition Gangster Addiction hat and T-shirt, as well as an “Our Thing” hoodie, two T-shirts, and a signed copy of Alan Lindbloom’s novel, To Be A King….

Meet Alan Lindbloom & Larry Mazza at The Javits Center

Book Expo America/Book Con, Dates June 1-4 – Booth: 2162 Book Signing / Meet & Greet Reading Time: BEA is at New York City’s famous Javits Center, and the event is the largest and most premier book and publishing Expo in the world! It’s also a place where you can meet face-to-face with your favorite and up-and-coming authors, and guess what? Harbinger Media Group is excited to showcase two authors at the event! Gunner A….

Bert Rossi: Britain’s Oldest London Gangland Boss

£14.99 + FREE P&P Synopsis The most successful criminal is the one who keeps out of the limelight and Bert Rossi fits that description like a glove. Born in the London slums post-WWI, in the 1960s Rossi became the London representative of Angelo Bruno head of the Philadelphia mafia travelling and working for him, Meyer Lansky and ‘Little’ Nicky Scarfo both in England and the United States.. Now Rossi tells of his life of eighty…