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Win a Swag Bag Worth $150 with Our Thing Apparel

If you live in Detroit and hold a keen interest then you probably already know about Alan Lindbloom. Well, this weekend you have the chance to win a swag bag worth $150 thanks to Our Thing Apparel. What’s in the Swag Bag? The contest giveaway includes a limited edition Gangster Addiction hat and T-shirt, as well as an “Our Thing” hoodie, two T-shirts, and a signed copy of Alan Lindbloom’s novel, To Be A King….

Meet Alan Lindbloom & Larry Mazza at The Javits Center

Book Expo America/Book Con, Dates June 1-4 – Booth: 2162 Book Signing / Meet & Greet Reading Time: BEA is at New York City’s famous Javits Center, and the event is the largest and most premier book and publishing Expo in the world! It’s also a place where you can meet face-to-face with your favorite and up-and-coming authors, and guess what? Harbinger Media Group is excited to showcase two authors at the event! Gunner A….

Bert Rossi: Britain’s Oldest London Gangland Boss

£14.99 + FREE P&P Synopsis The most successful criminal is the one who keeps out of the limelight and Bert Rossi fits that description like a glove. Born in the London slums post-WWI, in the 1960s Rossi became the London representative of Angelo Bruno head of the Philadelphia mafia travelling and working for him, Meyer Lansky and ‘Little’ Nicky Scarfo both in England and the United States.. Now Rossi tells of his life of eighty…

10 Famous Sites & Hangouts From Detroit’s Dark Past

The past is always present in the future, but sometimes the past can easily be disguised. Take Detroit for example, a city that has a dark and violent history that isn’t always present to the eye today. The truth is, that some of the iconic landmarks around the fourth-largest city in the Midwest, hold secrets from the past, hidden behind some of these forgotten sites and hangouts. Most notable the Purple Gang, a group of…

Ace in the Hole Hoodies: Due for Release June 2017

Our new limited edition hoodies are now available on pre-order. We have only had a few of these made so you will be owning something very unique, but youse gotta be quick, because once they are gone, they are gone! Available in Medium: 38 – 40 inch chest. FREE Tracked and Insured Shipping to the UK and US. FRONT & BACK Buying in the UK? UK Medium £39.99 GBP Buying in the USA? US Medium…