Theft in human society has existed since private property appeared. At all times there have been and will remain people who are not opposed to improving their financial situation at the expense of others. Especially when it comes to stealing such a big and expensive thing as a car! The number of successful hijackings is high. However, there are also frankly ridiculous crimes among them.

When dangers can be waiting at every step, many people think about how much it is advisable to have a personal car. Depreciation, maintenance funds, and if the vehicle is not needed every day, then also an aimless idle time in the garage. And if the car is expensive, and there is a high risk of theft? Of course, everyone makes their own choice, but lately, more and more people are choosing to rent a car. This may come in especially handy if we are speaking about some expensive vehicles. Most of us can hire a luxurious vehicle for some time and enjoy it without any risk as rental cars are always insured against theft. And what a pleasure may be to rent McLaren Dubai while on a vacation. Just imagine!

Here is the list of probably the silliest attempts to steal a car. Go on reading and have fun! 

Flirting with the police

One desperate man from New York tried to steal a car from a police parking lot. He believed that “the enemy needs to be surprised.” Of course, the unpretentious thief relied on surprise and audacity. It was possible to surprise the police. The stolen Chevrolet Lumina could not even leave the parking lot as the police stopped it.


An equally audacious hijacking was attempted by a 20-year-old resident of Florida. Aaron Orlando Rodriguez-the third tried to steal a police car. The only problem was that at that moment Officer Robbie Fog was sitting in it, and he immediately detained the attacker.

Internet star

In Calgary, Canada, a 19-year-old hijacker stole a luxury and rare Skyline GT-R R32. The operation went like clockwork, but the narrow-minded thief eventually demonstrated the peaks (or bottoms) of consciousness and logic. He bragged about the theft on social networks and even posted a video on YouTube. The police found the thief and returned the car to the owner on the same day.

Steal from Le Mans

In 1969, the car of the winning team in the 24-hour race “Penske Lola” was stolen by a brazen thief who imagined himself a Le Mans or Formula 1 racer, at the very moment when the crew went to sleep off. Everything would be fine, but it was not difficult for law enforcement officers to track down a sports car. Three days later, the car was found in one of the underground workshops.

A valuable guest

In 2019, on May 27, perhaps the most idiotic hijacking in history was committed. The thief came to the Auto Boulevard dealership and found an expensive Infiniti G37 there. Introducing himself as a customer, he asked to sit in the car, after which he immediately drove off and drove away. By the evening, he was detained by law enforcement officers.

Everything brilliant is not easy

In 2008, an attempt was made in America to steal a brand-new popular Ford GT right from the cabin. The hijacker thought out the plan to the smallest detail. Everything seemed as simple and ingenious as possible. And what is more, the plan was brought to life! The bandit did not take into account only one thing – his driving experience. The criminal lost control at the first traffic light and crashed into a pole, where the police detained him.

An inexperienced racer

In Washington, a 22-year-old hijacker tried to steal an old Corvette. However, nothing came of it. The thief could not get the car to move because it had a manual transmission. The situation was also complicated by the fact that the central lock worked in the Corvette and the bandit could not get out of the car. The police and the owner laughed for a long time before they finally deigned to get the criminal outside the car.

Bright hijacking

Hijackers rarely undertake the theft of decorated cars. However, sometimes they still make exceptions. This is exactly the fate that was destined for the Japspeed JZ1 Impreza to prepare for the sports race. The car was stolen directly from the exhibition pedestal, where it was supposed to be contemplated by the guests of the solemn event. As expected, it was not difficult to find a painted sports car with the help of city surveillance cameras.