From the time of sea voyages to crossing the whole globe by plane, traveling has always fascinated people. Those who do not have the opportunity to visit other countries do it virtually: by following somebody’s blog.

These people find an opportunity to taste French croissants by reading the description of their crispy layers. They feel the smell of tulip fields in the Netherlands by looking at the photos. It seems to them they visited the Great Chinese Wall after they read the history of this monument.

If you are a keen globetrotter, give other people an opportunity to visit places together with you. Feel like a professional essay writer who can find proper words for every detail and inspire others.  The power of travel blogging is huge if you use the right techniques and follow certain success rules. When faced with the overwhelming task of writing an travel  essay, many students find themselves in search of a viable solution. In such instances, a common query that arises is, “Can I pay someone to write my paper?” The answer is yes, as numerous online writing services exist to provide professional assistance to students in need.

Engaging Content

With the amount of information on the internet, it is difficult to create something that will captivate readers. But there is a solution: every time you start writing for a student blog, you should create a story.

Let us say, you want to talk about a stunning view over Barcelona. Do not simply rely on your abilities to describe the beauty of this panorama – you need to be a really skilled author to succeed. Create an adventure story.

Introduce the main characters (you and your friend) who spoke no Spanish and decided to use the guidebook in your youth hostel. Describe how the events unfolded: you could not understand the driver, so you ended up on the wrong mountain. But it did not prevent you from watching the pale pink sunset and enjoying the sparkling lights of the city.

You see how different this looks from just a boring description? Of course, do not forget to add high-quality photos and engaging videos. Visual content is always appealing because it helps the readers of your blog to dive into the atmosphere of your trip.

Personal Touch

Let us say, you want to describe a canoeing weekend in the summer. If you have a personal story about your family, share it with your readers, with all its awkward moments. What initially seems a negative experience can become entertaining personal content. 

For example, 

Your mom, dad, and grumpy sister decided to rent two canoes. Although it was summer, and the weather seemed perfect, it started raining when you were in the middle of the lake. Of course, your little sister became even more annoyed and your dad who was in the same canoe with her had to put up with her bad mood. 

While he was admiring the waterfalls cascading down, he crashed into your canoe and fell into the water. Fortunately, he survived (both the cold and the embarrassment). This made your sister laugh and cheer up.

When you add a personal touch, your blog story is no more plain and boring. Such posts can compete with the best essay writing services in terms of engagement. Use this technique in your student travel blog, and you will see how the number of subscribers increases.

SEO Optimization and Consistency

On a technical note, it is important to ensure that your texts reach the target audience who become your followers. A successful travel blog should be optimized for search engines to ensure that it ranks high in search results. This includes:

  • using relevant keywords
  • optimizing images and videos
  • building backlinks.

Besides, you should publish new posts regularly because otherwise, your blog will look like an abandoned ghost city. It will no longer attract readers, and they will start unsubscribing. Keep your audience engaged, daily, weekly, or monthly, and make them want to come back for more.

Niche Focus

Establish your area of expertise. As a student, you may focus on such topics as solo travel and trips on a budget. It is quite typical of learners to travel on their own, and it is not uncommon for them to struggle with money. If you fill your blog with valuable advice on how to stay safe when traveling alone and to be able to afford traveling, your blog is certain to become an instant success.

Students often google how to save money when traveling. But what if you show your readers a different angle: your blog can bring you money if you monetize it! Get some extra bucks by using affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling your own products and services. And then use this money for traveling and creating more engaging content!

But finding your niche does not mean that only students will follow you. When it comes to traveling, most people are interested in the same things:

  • an adventure
  • amazing views
  • fantastic beaches
  • local culture and cuisine
  • good shops
  • outdoor activities

Make sure you cover these topics in your blog, and you can be certain that your audience will expand. 

Collaboration and Networking

Let us say, you want to go on a three-day safari tour but you cannot afford it. Contact the agency which sells this tour, and offer them a win-win collaboration. They let you take part in their trip for free, and you grow their audience and expand their reach.

Make sure you take nice pictures of buffalo bathing in a lake, or a family of lions sleeping peacefully under a tree. Tell a story of how a flash of black and yellow and a loud roar made you understand it is better not to mess with a leopard mother protecting her young.

The photos of green African bushes and trees together with an insight (we are all helpless in the face of nature) will definitely attract more readers to your blog. This means you will be useful to your partners, and they will contact you about networking in the future.

Wrapping Up

Remember, building a successful travel blog takes time, effort, and dedication. With persistence and hard work, however, you can create a blog that not only inspires and informs your readers but also generates income and opens up new opportunities for travel and adventure.