An authoritative professor from the University of Georgia in the USA, the founder and head of the largest consulting agency, David Joseph Schwartz knew firsthand what success is and, most importantly, how to achieve it. After all, even as students when they write paper we already know what we want from life and what we need to do in order to achieve this result. In his seminal book “The Art of Achieving What You Want,” he describes the path to self-realization – step by step, only 10 points.

Step 1: Strive to do better

Successful companies are always striving to produce more products, improve staff performance, and make more profit. Successful people always strive to earn more money, travel more often, spend more time with family and friends-in short, to live comfortably and for their own pleasure. This aspiration is the foundation of their well-being, the secret of their energy.

Step 2: Analyze Your Situation

Before you start moving forward, determine where you are now in life’s journey.

Tip: Write an obituary about yourself. This proven technique allows you to objectively assess your own achievements, personal qualities, level of intelligence and education, to understand at what point you “took a wrong turn”.

Step 3: Awareness

Become aware of yourself, your goals and desires by answering three simple questions:

Who am I? (What do I like/dislike? What am I good at? What am I passionate about?)

Where do I want to be? (What do I want to accomplish?)

How do I get where I want to be? (What jobs should I look for? What skills should I acquire?)

Step 4: Concretize.

The thing is, dreams and goals only work for you when they are specific. Do you want to make more money? Set a number for yourself. Want a more prestigious position? Decide which one and in which company.

Step 5: Deadlines

In order not to “slide” into procrastination, designate in your head acceptable deadlines for the implementation of what you want.

Case study: Two guys with tremendous experience in developing computer systems decided to start their own consulting agency. Every weekend for a year they met to discuss their plans. The same thing happened during the next year… and the next. By the end of the third year, the guys decided that the niche was full of competitors and abandoned their idea.

Mind you, the question is: What would have happened if the young men had decided right away that they had to launch in a year? That’s right, the outcome could have been very different.

Step 6: Visualize.

There are lots of ways to visualize dreams. Write on a piece of paper how much per month you want to earn and pin the piece of paper to your refrigerator. Buy a toy model of your dream car and place it on your desk. Small details that remind you of what you want to do should constantly catch your eye, and encourage you to realize your goals.

Step 7: Commitment

There is a law of the universe (unfortunately, not scientifically proven) – if a person decides something for himself, then with 99% probability his goal will become a reality. Think about your dreams, take small daily steps towards them, and most importantly, don’t stop believing.

Step 8: Thinking.

Tune into a positive mindset. Get rid of doubts like “I don’t have the right education,” “I don’t have enough money to be a businessman,” and “this market is crowded with competitors.” A large part of famous journalists did not go to a major university. Many of today’s billionaires started by selling cheap shoes. And markets in the developed world are only growing, leaving plenty of room for the hard-working.

Step 9: Time.

Before you can change your life, you have to change your mindset. Before you can change your mindset, you have to change your daily routine. Don’t waste time-it’s relaxing. Avoid excessive use of social media, watching TV and mindless programs on the Internet, and sleep as much as you need to feel good, no more.

Step 10: Environment

There are two types of people in the world: the first follows dreams and the second destroys them. If there are a lot of people in your environment who think you are “flying in the clouds” and convince you that your goals are impossible to achieve, keep contact with them to a minimum. Or better yet, stop communicating at all. A person always reflects those around him.

After climbing these ten steps to success, start turning your dreams into reality, and believe it all will work out!