Las Vegas 1990s

We receive several mob related stories so we have decided to start putting them on the blog. Names and places have been removed, but some of these stories are interesting enough to share here.

So I’m 46 now. Back in 1986 I started dating my ex wife in high school, I would hang out a lot at her house her mom was kinda of a hustler always working at the racetrack betting on horses. We started talking about her grandfather he and his brother were famous boxing trainers at a local gym. As a matter of fact her grandfather lived there full time.

He smoked More brown cigarettes I think there were called and always wore leisure suits. Well when the gym closed down he had to stay at my house. So me being a big boxing fan myself would ask him questions about fighters, and how he would train his fighters.

I noticed he was very particular the way he folded his clothes and lined up his shoes almost like a whole process. I noticed he had like five or six pairs of white slip on loafers you know the ones from the Mafia movies and sopranos.

I asked my girls mom why the shoes, she said his friends in Vegas gave them to him.

She told me a story, which is going to tell u now. She said one day she was home and got phone call saying that her father was ok and that he was with them and don’t worry.

She was confused! What happened was the owner of the boxing gym was found dead in the trunk of his car. The way she made it sound is that they liked her dad so they arranged for him not to be at the gym.

Couple of days later the grampa called his daughter which was my girls mom saying he was ok and that he was in Vegas with friends.

Fast forward I asked him how the mob treated him he said I quote awe they were good real good to me took me out and a good time ate good food etc.

So back to the mom she said that a car pulled up to the house one or two guys got out and walked him the her from door chatted a little bit and that was it.

So that’s the story I was told as a teenager.