The gaming atmosphere in the casino is designed to create a variety of factors. Among them are the interior and style of the institution, its size and location, the games and entertainment offered. Live music concerts play an important role in attracting new players. They lift the mood, make people more relaxed and calm, inspire them to play. No matter what type of game you choose, slots, card games, roulette, even £1 minimum deposit casino UK will be a good start for a gambling adventure.

Why top casinos organise live music concerts

Live music has always been considered a sign of high status. The best hotels and casinos consider it their duty to invite virtuoso musicians who perform only live. The concerts call “stars” of the first magnitude, who do not need an introduction.

The invitation is beneficial to both the musician and the casino that invites him. The musician gets the opportunity to earn good money and promote himself next to the name of a prestigious institution, the casino attracts status spectators, as tickets to such concerts are expensive. The audience after the concert remains in the bar or at the gambling table, adding to the list of customers of the institution.

Some casinos contract musicians for several performances in order to have a constant additional income from their performances and a regular flow of customers. For example, for several performances during the Christmas week, which is considered the most prestigious of the year, each casino has a programme for the year ahead:

  • Las Vegas’ MGM Grand offers a show by illusionist David Copperfield;
  • Bellagio – a concert series by Bruno Mars;
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino (Ledyard) hosts concerts by iconic performers such as Diane Ross, John Legend, focusing on a variety of music from jazz and classical music to rock;
  • Sun-City (Johannesburg) has hosted Elton John, Tina Turner, Queen over the years, and on New Year’s Eve 2024, rhythm and blues legends Regina Belle and Chris Walker will perform.

Why casinos are associated with jazz

Music in casinos as a background can be multi-genre, depending on what kind of atmosphere the owner wants to create. Some establishments stick to rhythmic music and maintain a gambling mood, some include monotonous music that does not irritate and allows you to think, make the right decisions.

A classic option is light jazz. It often sounds in casinos as a background, and jazz performers are invited with live performances. No music sounds as strong and colourful live as jazz. The slow tempo of light jazz is unobtrusive, but not dull like classical pieces. The music does not interfere, allowing players to concentrate and make decisions without undue stress.

The legendary Frank Sinatra, whose name is inextricably linked with gambling life, is considered a jazz icon. He was often invited to the most prestigious casinos in the world with concerts, but in addition to them, he himself was a regular at gambling establishments, especially the Sands Casino, in which he had his share of shares, could play on credit and drink for free in the bar. Perhaps it was because of him that casinos became associated with jazz, and the best of the best sought to perform there.

But even the best establishments are not limited to inviting musicians of one genre, as there are a lot of customers, everyone’s tastes are different, and this should be taken into account. It is also worth taking into account the different ages of players. Some may be inspired by MUSE music, others by hip-hop or soft rock.

Where in the casino you can hear a live performance

Large casinos have their own concert venues, theatre halls, which can be transformed into any show – a play, a concert, a boxing match – if necessary. These venues have excellent acoustics, good visibility of the stage from any location and convenient exits so that if necessary you can easily go to the playing halls. They do not have live music so that players are not distracted by the performers.

Non-live music can be heard everywhere – in rest rooms, toilets, gaming rooms, corridors, and it is everywhere different, so as not to cause annoyance to customers. Mostly it is lounge, instrumental compositions without vocals. Hardly in the casino you will hear a selection of rock hits, because it will distract visitors from the game.

Fun and rhythmic music can be heard only at slot machines, where the atmosphere is disposed to fun, movement in the rhythm of the lights of slot machines. If in the casino and you can hear hits, then only here.

The most neutral music sounds in the halls for card games, where players need maximum concentration and the ability to strategise. The complete absence of music affects the acute nervous tension, but barely audible music helps to stabilise the situation.

Top tier casinos themselves are engaged in composing unique music tracks, parsimoniously inviting famous composers.

Live music in the casino is as much an element of psychology and marketing as a luxurious interior. It helps to attract customers, create an optimistic mood and a successful game. Don’t believe me? Try betting to your favourite track!