Bookmakers offer two options for the game: pre-match and live. In the former, there is time for a thorough evaluation of teams and bookmakers’ offers before placing bets. Fast-paced live football betting does not allow for such luxury; decisions must be made quickly, as favorable odds can disappear in a matter of moments.

What to know about live football bets

Betting in real-time is available by selecting the main types of bets, which are also offered in the pre-match line. However, the live line can be supplemented with special offers.

  • Match outcomes: victory for the first or second team, a draw, over/under goals, double chance, handicap, exact score, and similar options.
  • Game statistics.
  • Number of yellow/red cards.
  • Number of corners.
  • Statistical parameters.
  • Specific outcomes: who will score next, what event will occur on the field, and similar scenarios.

To accurately predict the outcome, a bettor needs to read the game rather than just analyze statistics, although this factor is taken into account.


More flexibility than pre-match betting. No one can predict the course of events with absolute certainty due to the unpredictability that can drastically change the balance of power.

No need to wait for results for a long time. Sometimes, you don’t even need to watch the entire game. For example, with a total over 0.5, you can relax after the first goal and simply enjoy a good match without nerves. With such bets, it’s easy to feel like an active participant in the events.

Easy management of deals. If the match is not going according to plan, the bettor can place additional bets to offset losses. There’s also the chance to watch multiple matches simultaneously, finding interesting betting options in each, using individual bets or combining them in accumulators.

Tips for beginners

Don’t chase low odds. Many beginners believe that low odds on a certain athlete or team guarantee a victory, but that’s not the case.

Avoid extremes. This advice includes two points: first, don’t go all-in. Calculate your financial capabilities and bet a certain percentage of your bankroll on an event. Second, don’t get discouraged and make impulsive bets. Approach this with a clear head, and don’t try to win back everything at once.

Sports betting is simply entertainment. If you approach it as a quick and magical way to get rich, it’s more likely a path to nowhere. If you perceive it as a form of entertainment in your free time and make thoughtful bets on events you are confident in, it can occasionally boost your wallet.