The origin of the game of bingo is not known exactly, some versions affirm that the history of Bingo has its origin in Roman times. At that time a game was played that consisted of completing a wooden table with symbols and figures as the different symbols and figures were drawn, different from how we have a range of casino games in today’s world – check out

Another version claims that bingo, as we know it today, was born in Italy in the 16th century and was called Tombola. It was a type of lottery game similar to modern bingo. From there the game then moved to France in the late 70th century where it was known as ” Le Lotto “. Then came the golden period of the game as it moved to Great Britain and America where it got its Beano. And then finally, an American toy manufacturer named Edwin S. Lowe renamed the game “Bingo” after someone mistakenly yelled “Bingo” instead.

Since then, bingo has been more of an adult game than child play. It became excessively popular in the mid 19th century, especially during the world wars, bingo was played all over the UK and America mostly in Army garrisons.

During the 1980s the popularity of bingo declined aggressively due to the sudden shift in technology. At that time the game was only played in retirement homes and youth had little to do with it.

Then came the age of the Internet and all of sudden, bingo went absolute as most of the youth was busy with their new walkmans, mobile phones and computer in their homes.  Then in 1994, the first online casino came into existence and in 1996 the first-ever online bingo game “Bingo Zone” was introduced. Since the inception of online bingo, the popularity of the game has gone up and since the introduction of mobile bingo, the vogue of bingo has aggressively increased.

So the answer to the question if bingo is popular among young people is yes. Bingo is indeed popular among young people.


According to a study published by the UKGC, the players signing up on the online bingo halls in the UK are most likely between in their 24 and 44s. The majority of the players, around 60% are females and 40% of the contestants are British males.

During the last five years, there has been a 20% increase in the number of mobile bingo players. This is significant because the majority of the mobile users is youth and that can give you an idea of how popular bingo is among the young generation.

Bingo Revenue

Bingo is becoming ever so popular among punters and that’s the reason why the online bingo industry is generating excessive revenue. According to, the remote bingo 5.7 billion British Pounds from March 2019 to April 2020. This is a significant increase in terms of revenue for the industry. However, the revenue of the land-based bingo sector is on a decline as it registered a yearly revenue of 636 million British Pounds which is far lower than that of the online bingo platforms.


From history, we learnt that bingo is indeed making a comeback and is becoming ever so popular among young punters like osrs fire giants. However, this is only true for only online bingo platforms as the popularity of land-based bingo is on a decline.